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Acclimating Saltwater Fish in 10 Easy Steps

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  1. Avatar Matt Bowers (Muttley000) says:

    It is worth noting, and maybe a topic for a future post, that dripping can be a problem for long bagged specimens. If shipped from an online vendor for instance, a different procedure should be used to keep ammonia from becoming more toxic as ph rises.

  2. Avatar Jeff Kurtz says:

    That’s an excellent point, Matt. I guess I tipped my hand and revealed a certain bias for purchasing livestock locally by starting with the drip method (he he!). Definitely keep an eye out for future posts on alternative acclimation methods!

  3. Avatar Paul B says:

    I am not a fanatic with many things in a reef but I do always check the salinity of the water in the bag with a specimin I bought. I also don’t use the drip method but that is the best method. I just squirt some water from my tank into the store water with the specimin. I keep doing that every few minutes until the salinity, and temperature is the same. If the salinity of the specimin water and my tank are the same, my acclimation only takes a few minutes. If it is way off, it may take me an hour or two to acclimate an animal. I have never lost a creature during acclimation. If you are going to quarantine, then you have plenty of time and can acclimate as long as you like. I also like to cover the container the fish is acclimating in just to darken it so the fish doesn’t get spooked, especially if he notices one of the Supermodels that are always in my house helping me take care of the fish. Oh wait, that was a dream

  4. Avatar P says:

    My favorite thing about this site is probably the fact that even though you guys are all professionals, sometimes even you forget simple details. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. You guys don’t get defensive when a commenter adds something.

    It isn’t a matter if lack of knowledge or bad information, its just human to sometimes forget specific details. I work at a LFS and as much as I try to explain everything, you can only cover so much in a 10 minute conversation. Plus sometimes I just get too overzealous and excited about the customers purchase. =)

    I don’t drip unless it’s a super sensitive (or expensive) specimen. I usually use Paul’s method. I place the fish in a specimen container in the tank so temp equalizes. I then add tank water with a baster every 15 minutes for about 40 minutes. Seems to work out fine so far.

  5. Avatar Jeff Kurtz says:

    Thanks so much for your kind remarks and insights on acclimation! We’re definitely trying to create an environment where everyone’s input is valued and no one feels foolish for asking questions or admitting mistakes. In our years in the hobby, Chris and I have made so many errors between the two of us that we could probably write a book on the subject (though there are some I’ll probably never admit to or will only acknowledge under an assumed name!).

  6. Avatar P says:

    I definitely appreciate that. Sometimes we don’t want to ask “silly” questions cause we get “silly” looks (or responses) as if we should have already known the answer.

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