July 30 2013,

The Current USA Orbit Marine LED fixture is a simple, straightforward LED light for aquarium applications where high PAR values aren’t needed — marine fish, soft corals and some LPS corals. Coming in four flavors — 8,000K, 12,000K, 445nm with UV and 460nm blue — these can be used as supplemental lighting or as your main light for your system.

The Orbit Marine LED light will features adjustable legs that allow each size to work on a range of tank sizes. The lights are available in 18-24, 24-36, 36-48 and 48-60 in. lengths and are the same aluminum housing used on the Current USA Satellite LEDs and are IP65 water resistant.

Additionally, each fixture comes with the Current USA Ramp Timer Pro allowing for some pretty robust control for this type of light. Suggested MSRP on the 48 in. light will be $309 and will ship in October.  These will be on display at MACNA where we can get a closer look.

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