August 15 2013,

The MagnaFuge LED light is Innovative Marine’s newest addition to the AquaGadget line which is aiming to accessorize the world’s All-in-One reef tanks with every bell and whistle in the book. Although not the first magnetic refugium LED light, the MagnaFuge is 50% larger than the JBJ NanoGlo with improved optics, spectrum and almost double the efficiency. Six one watt LEDs disperse 120/lumens per watt of 6500K spectrum over 120 degree angle.


The features of the MagnaFuge are designed to allow the light to grow a moderate amount of macroalgae in the rear chamber of transparent AIO tanks. Although Innovative Marine’s own Nuvo series of aquariums have a black backing, this plastic film can easily be cut and removed to fit the Magnafuge. This kind of installation allows for negligible heat transfer although a fraction of six watts is not going to factor prominently in your aquarium’s heat budget.

Innovative Marine will be releasing the MagnaFuge LED light September 1st with a retail pricing of $99.

Versatile LED Fuge Lighting

Enjoy the benefits of natural filtration for your AIO (All-In-One) Aquarium with the versatile MagnaFuge LED. Unlike traditional fuge lighting, the low voltage MagnaFuge utilizes dedicated rare earth neodymium magnets to mount vertically or horizontally behind your AIO, and remains discreetly out of view. Designed for maximum macro algae growth, the MagnaFuge distributes 6500K spectrum evenly with 120 degree optics, and delivers an amazing 120 lumens per watt. Creating a refugium aids in the export of unwanted nutrients such as phosphates and nitrates, while stabilizing pH and oxygen levels throughout the day. They also provide a natural food source for your aquarium inhabitants, to create a true thriving mini-ecosystem.


  • Easy to set up magnetic design
  • Designed for AIO Aquariums
  • Low voltage
  • 4 Rare earth neodymium magnets
  • 6 x 1 watt LED
  • 6,500K Daylight
  • Small form factor
  • 120 lumens per watt
  • No Heat transfer


  • Name: MagnaFuge

  • LED Watts: 6 x 1 Watt

  • Kelvin: 6500K

  • Optics: 120 Degree

  • Lumens per Watt: 120

  • Current: 350mA

  • Fixture Dims: 4.09” x 0.82” x 7.24”

  • Magnet Dims: 2.76” x 0.82” x 1.77”

  • MAP: $99


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