August 26 2013,

The ReefLink from Ecotech Marine we first reported on through a discovered trademark filing is real and is expected to enjoy a big unveiling at MACNA this weekend. The first revealed photo of the ReefLink doesn’t show much of the device, but it shows a very critical part which allows us to infer quite a bit about what the ReefLink can do.

Going by the sticker on the underside of the ReefLink, for all intents and purposes the ReefLink appears to be a router for your reef tank! History has shown us that Ecotech Marine has developed its own ZigBee wireless standard bundled into the EcoSmart line of products which includes all the VorTech pumps and the Radion lights.

The FCC information sticker on the ReefLink clearly shows both a Wifi MAC Address and an Ethernet MAC Address, and it certainly has one of the Ecosmart wireless daughterboards inside to be able to speak the language of Radions and Vortech pumps. Naturally we expect the ReefLink, as its name implies, to be a link between Ecotech Marine products and their thoroughly developed Ecosmart Live cloud-based controlling platform.

The full suite of features and services associated with the Ecotech Marine ReefLink is anybody’s guess but one thing is for sure, that we along with more than 2000 MACNA attendees will get a good up close look at it in Florida this weekend. Stay tuned!


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