August 30 2013,

Turbo’s Aquatics had the 3rd revision of their Turbo HF Scrubber on display at MACNA 2013 . Equipped with Philips Luxeon LED’s on both sides, this algae scrubber merges new technology with a proven method of nitrate/phosphate reduction. The heat sinks provide plenty of heat dissipation without fans. The primary drain now includes a ball valve to help dial in the noise and bubbles, and there is also secondary drain for safety. All fittings are threaded for easy installation now, negating the need for bulkheads. The Turbo HF Scrubber can be fed by a pump or T’d into the tank drain. The lid is reinforced to prevent warping. Overall, it’s a tough looking unit with dependable hardware.

Some of the other notable revisions are a false bottom to keep algae out of the ball valve and having the slot pipe is fully enclosed inside the box. Also, all of the modifications have been geared to allow more flow. Users of the original versions noted better and faster turf growth with increased flow. Sizing is still based on how many cubes of food you intend to feed a day, and pricing is as follows: L2: $399, L3: $489, and the L4: $549


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