August 30 2013,

The new ELOS Planet PRO LED system we touched on yesterday has a few more details to get you all excited about this intriguing lighting system.  As we touched on earlier, ELOS didn’t have much presence on North American shores lately and the new boost with CoralVue distributing ELOS products, they chose MACNA to unveil the new flagship light.

The powerful light allows you to upgrade and customize the Planet PRO fixture using LED strips in white, red, blue, green and UV flavors to design your own spectrum. You can also adjust your lights by WiFi, NFC and Bluetooth directly from your Android, iOS device, tablet or PC. Here are the full features:

More FEATURES of this amazing Lighting System:
ON-Board Timer:
No need of any external Timer your NEW Planet PRO is equipped with a fully programmable internal Timer.

NFC programmable:
With any NFC capable device or our PC Interface, you will easily PROGRAM your light by just touching it!

Interchangable LENSES:
Originally supplied with 120° led, you can easily install 15° 25° or 80° lenses to any of the 72 leds to adapt the focus to your needs

On-Board Wireless:
To build a MULTI-LAMP network and control it with a Computer, our e-Vision touch screen controller or any Wifi capable device

The new Planet-PRO is a state-of-the-art lighting system with:
– On-Board Timer
– On-Board NFC programming facility
– On-Board Wireless control capabilities

Upgradable: to up to 72 High Power LED.


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