August 30 2013,

BuildMyLed has been very busy diversifying its LED products and had a lot to share at MACNA. First off, they are now offering three dimmable channels in its LED strips plus you will be able to choose which LEDs go into each channel. All the channels can be controlled via a Neptune APEX via their APEX dimming module. In addition to the APEX, BuildMyLED also introduced a controller for its own fixtures. It will be time-based, and allow for the usual LED controllability like sunrise/sunset and weather patterns. There is no timeline or pricing on the controller or the upgrade to multiple channels quite yet.

7" BuildMyLED showing one  of the  channels illuminated.

7″ BuildMyLED showing one of the channels illuminated.

Besides the controller and LED channels, BuildMyLed is adding more choices in the LED strip line. You will soon be able to order your strip in black instead of the look of the original silver and gray units. The heatsinks have also been updated to be more streamlined and smooth. Recognizing a need for a shorter unit sized for a nano tank, you will be able to build a strip as small as seven inches.

7 inch nano strip from BuildMyLED with revised heatsink

7 inch nano strip from BuildMyLED with revised heatsink

BuildMyLED are also added two new pre-configured spectrums. One is spectrally matched to replicate a Radium 20K. There is also a PureUV unit available for those people who are missing or want to increase the sub-450nm spectrum range in their existing lighting fixtures.

And for those folks with taller aquariums or demanding more PAR, they are coming out with a brighter strip, appropriately named the ‘XB’ fixture. The ‘XB’ BuildMyLED units are 20-40% higher in intensity than the standard units (depending on which LEDs are chosen for spectrum). While the existing fixtures are plenty bright for SPS in standard systems, there are certainly applications where the additional intensity of the XB strips will benefit. Pricing and availability for the new spectrums and XB series is to be determined.

With so many new products underway, they decided it was a good time to update their website. The design and build portion of the site has been simplified and is easier to navigate. Now you can design the perfect BuildMyLED solution for your tank in three easy steps. Enter your tank size, add the fixture length, and tell them what intensity you are looking for. The site will give you a recommendation of number of fixtures. Some of the site has already been revised, but more updates are coming soon. As soon as availability and pricing is solidified, you know you hear it here on Reef Builders first.


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