August 30 2013,

Fauna Marin’s Reef Vitality Marine Organics is one of the more interesting additives on display at MACNA. With so much attention placed on nitrifying/denitrifying bacteria and carbon dosing, Reef Vitality Marine Organics takes things in a different direction with a focus on the bacteria found in coral tissue. Reef Vitality Marine Organics is a mixture of biopolymers and organic compounds that benefit these bacteria and subsequently the corals to take better advantage of the elements dosed aquariums. The increase in efficiency reduces the amount of coral food and trace element additions required to get the same desired effect. Various events, such as chelation,  may cause many desirable trace elements to become unavailable to the corals. Reef Vitality Marine Organics leverages the bacteria associated with many coral species to make these elements bio-available again.


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