August 30 2013,

Apex Fusion is the next evolution in web based, cloud control and monitoring of our aquariums. The new Apex Fusion incorporates many aspects of the Apex Dashboard but really takes all those concepts to the next level.In addition to the plug-and-play, drag-and-drop interface, the new Apex Fusion is built to mobile standards first – that means you get responsive web pages using html5 which look good on any device and are interoperable with any operating system.

We haven’t yet dove into the Apex Fusion interface but one of its neatest tricks is the incorporation of color control for AI Vegas and Hydras, Ecotech Radions and AI Kessils. What this means is that you can set the timer functions, lightning and most importantly the color setting of the overall system and the Apex Fusion software will automagically set each lighting fixture to a corresponding setting. You could say this new software includes the fusion of features across a range of compatible devices and accessories.

The new Apex Fusion software will be a free upgrade for all Apex users requiring only a firmware update to get started when it is released in Mid November.



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