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Neptune Apex Fusion apps adds even more things to log, track

Neptune Systems has added a few more features to its Apex Fusion app. You now have the ability to log your parameters and see how it matches up with other things happening in your tank (think dosing, pH, etc.). According to a recent update message from Neptune, if you don’t see the new options in your unused tiles area … Read More

Apex Fusion hits the road and might be coming to you

Neptune Systems is taking the Apex Fusion on the road this summer and just might be heading towards you during a five-week reefing road trip. The summer is a notoriously slow time of year in the hobby but it is also one of the best times to experience the United States, so why not? The … Read More

Apex Fusion comes out of Beta just in time for the European debut of the Apex controller

With the Apex Controller quickly becoming the default computer of reef aquariums in the U.S., the timing couldn’t be any better for the full release of the cloud-based Apex Fusion  software system. The full release of Apex Fusion takes it out of Beta and the long-vetted interface platform is refined with simpler user setting screens, new … Read More

Apex Fusion’s cloud based updates are a taste of the future

The much-touted Apex Fusion cloud based control and interface of the Neptune Systems Apex controller has been available in Beta form for a couple months now and the features are slowly beginning to be added. Just this week the graphical programming of the variable speed port went into effect and it’s quite possibly, the best … Read More

Apex Fusion enables enhanced functionality in Vortech water pumps

The forthcoming Apex Fusion is inching ever closer to release and with it, a suite of tantalizing new features. In addition to the new streamlined interfaces and mobile centric design, the thing we are most looking forward to leveraging is Apex Fusion’s ability to really finely tune the flow characteristics of our beloved Vortech pumps. … Read More

Apex Fusion beta test video leaked

A video of the Apex Fusion beta test was recently leaked on a message board and we have to say we are pretty excited about what we saw. When we came across the Apex Fusion at MACNA, we thought this was a going to be a handy tool for owners of LED to ad advanced … Read More

Apex Fusion introduces a new level of controlling and integration

Apex Fusion is the next evolution in web based, cloud control and monitoring of our aquariums. The new Apex Fusion incorporates many aspects of the Apex Dashboard but really takes all those concepts to the next level.In addition to the plug-and-play, drag-and-drop interface, the new Apex Fusion is built to mobile standards first – that … Read More