August 30 2013,

Fauna Marine showed off two new foods at MACNA 2013, Soft Clownfish Food and Marin Soft Protect. Soft Clownfish Food is geared towards, you guessed it, clownfish. While there are plenty of foods available to focus on increasing the orange and reds out clownfish, Soft Clownfish Food puts an emphasis on the white stripes.  Wild clowns fresh from the Ocean have an undeniable intense white striping, and it often includes a hue of blue in some species. Maintaining that intensity in white was the goal of this fish food. Considering the popularity of designer clownfish these days, this food is a good direction. It would be interesting to see how Soft Clownfish Food affects the mostly-white designer clowns, such as the platinums. Soft Clownfish Food is available now.

Marin Soft Protect is a rehabilitation food. It is very rich in fatty acids and very low in filler. It is meant to help bring back starved or sick fish from the brink. It also contains beneficial probiotics. Fauna Marin advises to limit feeding it  no more than 14 days, since long term feeding could fatten up your fish beyond the point of good health. It is a specific food for a specific application. It would make a good source of nutrition for newly imported fish and those in quarantine. Marin Soft Protect should be available in two weeks, give or take.


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