September 18 2013,

The Avast Marine Vibe are some new media devices which incorporate a degree of vibration in order to either clean calcium reactor media or zeolites in a zeoreactor set up. We gotta give Avast Marine for continuing to impress us in really unexpected ways when they apply their grey matter to simple problems of marine aquarium maintenance.

We have long since taken it as a fact of life that media in our calcium reactor just gets dirty over time and that getting into the reactor to clean the media ever 6 months to a year as a fact of life, but not our reef-mates at Avast. Their new Vibe reactors including a calcium reactor and a zeolite reactor are bundled with Amplitude Resonance Reactor (ARR), a device which is probably not that different from a typical vibrator, albeit one that more adequately mates up to the surface of a media reactor to transfer the vibrating motion.

It seems like Avast Marine may release a Vibe reactor with included ARR technology and that a separate ARR device may be released separately, to be added to existing media and zeo reactors, “like a swabbie for your reactor”. In the case of the zeoreactor, the use of something like the ARR is a much more elegant solution for releasing the bio-mulm that accumulates around the zeolites than having to hand crank the stuff everyday.

The new products are expected to be revealed and released in the fall when we wil learn more about what the Vibe and ARR, are.


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