January 8 2014,

The “Apex Pump” is the codename we are giving to a new project that Neptune Systems is working on to bring a propeller water pump which is natively controllable using the Apex aquarium controller system. The moment that Neptune Systems announced their Automatic Feeding System using a modified device manufactured by an Original Equipment Manufacturer, we were certain that the AFS was only a first step to a greater strategy of expanding the Apex ecosystem of accessories.

We kept our ear to the ground and our eyes open and it didn’t take long to discover what Neptune Systems is working on next. It all began when we were informed by an Asian correspondent that the two principals of Neptune Systems, Terence Fugazzi and Curt Pansegrau were spotted “in heated negotiations” in the Jebao booth at the huge Chinese CIPS pet trade show.

If this idea of an aquarium controller company selling and dealing with the Jebao WP40 sounds familiar, it’s because Reef Angel is was doing exactly that. After seeing Terence and Curt at the Jebao booth and seeing a Jebao WP-40 in action on this own display reef tank at their manufacturing office, we believe the WP-40 will be the foundation for an Apex Pump.

Like the AFS, we believe that Neptune System will add value to the Jebao WP40, perhaps request higher specification wear surfaces and slightly better materials out of the factory. By then adding features and improving this controllable pump’s performance, the Apex Pump will make a great addition to reef aquarium hobbyists who are fans of the broader Apex ecosystem.

If you’ve been paying attention to Neptune Systems’ rate of growth and expansion over the last two years, it’s easy to see how more hardware accessories are inevitable for the Apex system. The Automatic Feeding System was only a first step, a controllable water pump is a likely candidate as a next release and there’s bound to be plenty more where that came from. Only time will tell when Neptune Systems is ready to tell the world about their Apex Pump project.


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