Are Air fresheners Good or Bad for the Home Aquarium?

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  1. Avatar reefernyc19 says:

    Great read! I’ve noticed the effects on room scents, be it air fresheners, sprays, candles and such can also give me a headache if used for too long.

    My only questions for thought is at what point should we change our living habits for our reef tanks? As someone that loves fragrant smells in the house via candles (most of the time). Furthermore, I’ve seen people changing their air conditioners, heaters even as far as the layout of their home -dedicating fish equipment rooms and at some extreme’s tearing wall’s down for their system(s). I understand we all love our reefs and want the best of the best, but I do feel like there is a fine line between doing anything for your home reef without changing your to have laboratory like settings whilst balancing your home life.

    Nonetheless, I will reduce my candle usage since I do prioritize my reef tank over a fragrant smelling home 🙂

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