Austin Lefevre
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Austin has been in the aquarium industry since 2002, spanning roles from professional breeder and coral propagator, to aquarium designer and installer. He is currently the Director of Residential & Commercial Accounts at Tenji Aquarium Build + Design in Carmel, California. He oversees installations worldwide, from custom residential builds to unique public aquarium exhibits. Austin is an avid freediver, and is particularly fond of deepwater reef fishes.

Biota Unveils Captive Bred Potter’s Angelfish

The Biota Group has unveiled its newest offering, captive-bred Potters angelfish! We are so excited to see this new species come to market. Potter’s angels unmistakable coloration and patterns never cease to amaze, coupled with their curious personalities, they’ll bring…

Three Super Rare Saltwater Fish Available Right Now

Over the years many of us have fawned over the amazing Twilight Zone fishes shared on Reef Builders, but few of us have seen most of these in person, let alone had the opportunity to purchase them. These animals are…