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Transitioning from clinical to practicing reefer, once again

It’s been a while, huh? Amazing what changes while you’re “away.” Amazing what happens to you when you drift off from the stuff you love so much, isn’t it? Of late, I’ve made a (for me) wonderful and long-overdue transition from “clinical” reefer to “practicing” reefer once again, and it feels incredible. I found myself slipping into Read More

The Drop-Off Reef Aquarium of Philippe Grosjean

We feature a lot of cool aquariums from around the world since so many are pushing the envelope of aquarium design and creative expression. Every once in a while, we come across an aquarium that falls into a class of its own. Enter the amazing aquarium of Belgian marine biologist/reef hobbyist Philippe Grosjean. His 660-liter  Read More

A look back at the most memorable marine, reef and coral aquariums of 2011

2011 Has definitely seen its share of unique aquariums, many of which were featured right here on these pages. Some were variations on an old theme, some were nice applications of the current state of the art, and a number came out of left field. From this group, here is a look at our picks Read More

Zero Reef East- less is more when setting up a nano coral tank

I like to think of myself as a progressive hobbyist. Despite being in the hobby for more than three decades, I always try to push myself to keep up on the state of the art in marine aquarium practice, and to incorporate the newest techniques into my aquarium systems wherever applicable. I’ve been around the Read More

Fluval Edge Heater is 25 watts of compact heating for nano aquariums

With nano and pico aquariums gaining popularity every day, it’s nice to find accessories that are proportioned for their needs. Finding appropriately sized heaters for 4-6 gallon aquariums can be a real problem. Fortunately, Hagen offers an unbreakable compact 25- watt submersible heater, marketed under the Fluval Edge brand name, that’s perfect for these smaller Read More

Mauritian Triggerfish, Rhinecanthus cinereus, Lands at House of Fins

Although the genus Rhinecanthus contains seven known species, the so-called “Mauritian Triggerfish” has not, to our knowledge, been imported into the U.S. before. House of Fins of Greenwich, CT secured this colorful specimen, and will have it on hand for their 54th Anniversary sale and speaker event this weekend. With its predominant yellow body coloration, Read More

The responsibility of being a reefer

They say that great minds think alike, and with that thought, Rich wrote a piece this morning which is a perfect segway into this discussion that Scott had in mind. Both of these great reef guys had the same independent idea and we hope that the aquarium hobby will continue to keep these very important Read More

“Tanked” – A Dose Of Reality That Doesn’t Hold Water

Like many hobbyists, I decided to check out the Animal Planet reality series, “Tanked” last night.  Rather than getting caught up in the negative “pre-smack talk” about the show, I decided to actually watch it before rendering an opinion. So, …Okay, well, where do I begin? Read More

Following passion to a job in the aquarium industry

Seems like just a few months ago, I was comfortably rat-holed in my souless, financial-sector job, using every spare second to play with, or plot about my aquariums, writing my weekly rants on all things saltwater, or traveling to speaking gigs and conferences. My “second career” as a part-time Fish Geek just wasn’t enough. I had to Read More

The other side of the fence: An insider’s view of the aquatics industry

After a lifetime working in sales, I recently took a job at an upscale aquarium business. Now that I am beginning to experience the aquarium industry from the inside, I have taken on a slightly different view of things. Yet in the process, I’ve become more patient, more engrossed, and more dedicated than ever. Read More