Pseudojuloides pluto and proserpina are two new pencil wrasses from Micronesia and the Marquesan islands

Prolific Ph.D. candidate Yi Kai Tea (Lemon Tyk) has published papers on not just two but four new species of Pencil wrasse this week. Pseudojuloides crux and P.paradiseus are now being joined by P.pluto and P.proserpina, taking the total number of Pencil Wrasse species to 18.

Chromis tingting, a New Species of Damselfish from Japan

Chromis tingting is a brand new species of damselfish described from Japan by Lemon TYK and Anthony Gill. Hailing from Japan’s famous Sagami Bay, the new Ting Ting damselfish has been confounded with similarly colored Chromis like C. mirationis with which…