April 6,

If you have a single clownfish loving bone in your body, then you have to watch this amazing preview of the forthcoming nature DVD, Anemonefish: Nature’s Aquarium. The preview features many different species of anemonefish in the wild, hosting in the various large anemones that gives them their namesake. Amphiprion akyndinos, A. melanopus, A ocellaris, A. alkalopisos, A. polymnus and A. clarkii are all wonderfully framed frolicking in the tentacles of ritteri, bubble tip and long tentacle anemones in their natural habitat.

The 60 minute DVD is a must-buy for any LFS that has looping videos of natural reef scenes in their store, and it could also make a nice lean-back meeting idea for reef clubs looking to have an unstructured discussion about anemonefish and their host anemones in the wild and in the aquarium. The 10 minute bonus “Peek-a-boo” footage gives a closeup look at many different clownfish species and the helpful companion guide will help watchers make sense of the different species of clownfish and anemones. [reefnews]

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