Deltec posts official specs on its MCE400 hang on protein skimmer

By on Jul 08, 2013

The new Deltec MCE400 protein skimmer we spotted at AquaRama 2013 has been officially announced with specs and pricing. The black, rectangular skimmer is a smaller version of the Deltec MCE600 and suitable for aquariums up to 400 liters (105 US gallons) and pulls 350 liters of air to create a nice, frothy foam.

The shape allows it to work effectively as a hang-on protein skimmer for tanks and sumps with limited external room. The skimmer pulls water with an internal needlewheel pump that uses just 9W.  The overall dimensions are 216 mm x 77 mm with a varying height of 430-490 mm depending on the adjustment of the collection cup. Deltec recommends a minimum height of 600 mm for sump installation.

The new Deltec MCE400 is available now and runs £309.99 (about $462 USD).

[via The Aquarium Solution]

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