July 8 2013,

Marine Aquariums South Africa and Tropical Aquariums SA are jointly putting together the largest aquarium conference of the year, the South Africa 2013 Aquarium Expo. Being a fully fledged aquarium conference the 2013 Expo will feature a wide range of aquarium products for marine and tropical aquariums as well as notable speakers.

Joining local aquarium authorities Sean Jefferis, Dallas Goldswain and Riaan Pretorius, our very own editor Jake Adams will be giving two information-dense presentations; one will be Jake’s signature talk on “Water Flow is more Important than Light” and the more recent crowd favorite, “Introduction to using aquarium LEDs”.

On hand for the big South Africa Expo will be a number of local vendors of foreign and domestic aquarium goods, livestock, live demonstrations and a good all-around community aquarium atmosphere. The 2013 Expo will be taking place the weekend of August 2-4th in Johannesburg at the Emperor’s Palace and entry is only R50 per person.

For more information on the largest aquarium event to hit South Africa this year visit the official website and drop in to the official Expo 2013 Facebook

expo page. 


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