long island aquarium big reef left side-3 Long Island’s 20,000 gallon reef tank is STILL one of the best displays in the world The 20,000 gallon reef tank in Long Island NY designed and maintained by Joe Yaiullo has long been the apex of large reef aquarium displays. Featuring luxuriant coral growth and a dense and eclectic mix of large and colorful reef fish, for a decade this reef tank has been an artful work of inspiration. Having
Mark's 180 Reef Builders Reboot Phase One
Hands-on with the PRS Corrente digital flow sensor

Awesome Fish Spotlight: Steinhart’s studly Genicanthus lamarck

Like the insanely beautiful traffic cone coloured male Genicanthus semifasciatus in the Dallas Aquarium, Steinhart in the California Academy of Science has its own studly Genicanthus to boast. G. lamarck is a common species with a rather large distribution in the Indo-West Pacific. Like all members in its genus, the Lamarck’s Angelfish is elongated and Read More

Antique coral reef illustrations will tickle your fancy

In centuries past—an era absent the wonders of Google’s image search—curious naturalists were reliant on published reports for knowledge on the obscure creatures living in the far corners of the world. The scientists of this period had to have not only a keen eye for zoology, but an artistic talent to present it to the Read More

XpertSea XperCount2 is the ‘magic bucket’ to count, size organisms in seconds

For large-scale aquaculture operations, having better insight, information and data about your operations is more than just about success rates and output, it helps with managing resources and efficiencies. In the past, when you needed to tally your aquatic organisms you needed to do hand counts or other semi-accurate methods. But the XpertSea XperCount2 is Read More

Wild-looking anemone has colorful furry tentacles

Anemones come in all shapes and sizes, colors and textures, and some even actively try to mimic stony corals. Recently however, a very unusual anemone was acquired by Unique Corals which looks inherently unique. At first glance this anemone appears to have the same general appearance as the Sebae anemone, Heteractis malu, with a yellow green Read More

Genio Safebox is a special container for transporting and handling fish or corals

Genio Systems has a new transportation and general purpose new container called the Genio Safebox. The Safebox is specially designed to be an all around “satellite” aquarium to your main tank which can be used for just about any temporary holding and short term treatments and conditioning that aquarists might want to do with their Read More

Steinhart Aquarium’s Caribbean display is a truly realistic representation of a biotope

Few set ups truly elicit fascination and marvel quite like those done in a biotope fashion. A biotope refers to an area of uniform environmental conditions which provides a specific niche for a particular set of organisms. Because aquarists are spoilt for choice with a plethora of livestock being offered from all over the world, few are able Read More

Awesome Fish Spotlight: Solar Flare, the hypomelanistic flame angelfish

This is the first time we’re featuring an aberrant fish for Awesome Fish Spotlight, and today’s featured fish is a hypomelanistic flame angel. Unlike many of the funky koi mutations which often manifest as unusual and unknown transient colour changes, hypomelanism is a known genetic condition where melanin is only partially lacking in sufferers. Read More

Reef Builders Reboot Phase One

Some of you may have read my recent post about deciding when to reboot. For me, the time is now. My family is anticipating the arrival of another kid in a few months, and so there has been some shuffling of things around the house to make room. The first thing on the chopping block was Read More

Deltec SC 1660 is the first DC powered skimmer from the creators of the pinwheel

The Deltec SC 1660 is Deltec’s first protein skimmer powered with a DC pump. Deltec may have been the first to use the pinwheel protein skimming design, they are totally fine being practically last to incorporate a controllable DC pump to power their protein skimmer. Like with everything else that Deltec makes, the SC1660 is Read More

Amazing Aquarium’s soft coral display will lull you into a hypnotic trance

I think it’s so unfair that people don’t give soft coral enough credit. I’m not talking about zoanthids, those single limited edition collectable polyps that cost as much as an emerald ring doesn’t quite cut it for me. I’m talking about big luscious colonies of Nepthea, or Sinularia, Xenia and a whole smorgasbord of other Read More