happy-black-friday Black Friday aquarium deals aplenty, are you ready to shop? For the last five years or so, we have listed out some of the great Black Friday shopping deals our sponsors have. This year we are excited to see more manufacturers relax the MAP pricing and allow their retail partners offer great products at great prices. While there are plenty of other merchants and vendors
maxspect-gyre-pump-1 Gyre Flow: What a difference ten years can make
Hands on and first impression of the Kessil Spectral Controller

Dutch Aquarium Systems introduces a novel tank brace using steel rods

Since the stone age, aquariums have been built with bracing to keep them from leaking and/or exploding their water and livestock all over the place. The march of progress for aquariums has been defined by a gradual reduction in aquarium bracing – first the side/edge braces of metaframes were done away with to create the Read More

Coralife LED Aqualight is a great choice for the mid-range of LED lighting market

The Coralife LED Aqualight that was debuted at MACNA 2014 in Denver got its first big reveal to the consumer world in Chicago a couple of weeks ago. Coralife’s first effort at making an LED aquarium light was ill-fated for trying to compete in the top-end of the LED lighting market with companies that specialize in Read More

Aquavas Aquarium delivers exceptional fit and finish (for planted tanks)

When it comes to All In One aquariums, reef tanks have taken a definitive stance in one direction while planted tanks have taken a very different path. By and large AIO saltwater tanks are dominated by plastic parts, hoods, and equipment popped out of molds by the thousands while freshwater all in one aquariums are defined Read More

Macropharyngodon vivienae new range extension could mean we’ll be seeing more of this species

While Macropharyngodon may not enjoy the popularity of other wrasses such as Cirrhilabrus, it is most certainly not stuck in a rut. The genus is not heading in a dead end track, but rather has had a few interesting developments recently. With M. pakoko being the newest addition to this genus a few months back and M. marisrubri being separated from Read More

Gyre Flow: What a difference ten years can make

The year is 2003 and I was just starting to delve into the first year of real marine science courses like ecology, oceanography, and fluid dynamics. At that time I’d already been keeping marine aquariums for 8 years and i was glad to be a part of a growing number of people who were very enthusiastic Read More

Our Top 5 favorite stories from Cairns Marine

For twenty years Cairns Marine has been a leading collector and supplier of sustainably harvested marine aquarium livestock and for most of Reef Builders’ existence Cairns Marine has been an invaluable partner in helping us get the word out about their coolest finds. Of all the marine life suppliers in the world, very few take Read More

A rare look at the exotic coral reef of Bazaruto Island, Mozambique

As aquarists, we tend to spend a lot of time thinking and discussing the coral reefs where our aquarium marine life originates from. Places like Bali, Australia, Maldives, the Red Sea and their habitats are extremely well documented but there are other equally neat eco-regions of the world which are very well worthy of our Read More

First Tusk Hermit crab goes on sale in the U.S. at Old Town Aquarium

Hermit crabs are rarely thought of as little more than the janitors for our reef and marine aquariums and blue leg and scarlet hermit crabs are purchased for cheap by the dozen to do our bidding. These species are colorful and attractive in their own right but they can’t hold a candle-shaped shell to the Read More

Dr. Chung Wing Hung’s Pomacanthid perfection

Dr. Chung from Hong Kong is a familiar name to any rare fish lover worthy of his salt. A dentist by profession, Dr. Chung has had the privilege of owning some of the most elusive and rare species in the same tank. To those who think Dr. Chung is a superficial collector with deep pockets, you cannot Read More

What’s next for Drs Foster and Smith, Live Aquaria, and Petco?

Petco, the large multi-channel retailer is intent to purchase our beloved Drs. Foster Smith mail order and eCommerce business. Apparently the owners wanted out of their successful enterprise—which comes as no surprise as they are older in age and more than likely want to retire with their families and grand kids. We can’t blame Marty Read More