australomussa solomon islands-1 Rainbow Australomussa from the Solomon Islands has almost magic color I returned from a coral collecting and scouting trip to the Solomon Islands less than a week ago and all this time, I’ve been anxious to see how the corals collected would fare on the extra long, 48 hour flight from Honiara to Los Angeles. Yesterday, the ‘main event’ of coral shipments finally arrived at Unique
unnamed LiveAquaria carrying more of ORA’s quality livestock
Pacific Sun announces CruX IS-200 and CruX IS-400 internal protein skimmers

A special visit to Sjöfartsmuseet Akvariet of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Following up on our recent European trip, we paid a visit to Sjöfartsmuseet Akvariet in Sweden to give a little talk at a nordic coral symposium. Sjöfartsmuseet Akvariet is a Maritime Museum and Aquarium located in Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden and the fifth largest of the nordic countries. Not only is this historic museum rich Read More

First Impressions of the Aquamaxx ConeS Series Skimmers

Remember when an affordable skimmer meant an ugly piece of extruded acrylic paired with a pump that acted as both a heater and unsoothing noise machine? We remember. It used to be that the only way to retire the droning hum of a cheap skimmer was to spend a small fortune on some “Euro” skimmer Read More

Ocean Swipe adds 360 Junior to its line of glass-cleaning robots

The Ocean Swipe 360 Junior is a freshly announced new glass-cleaning device for home aquariums from the makers of the Ocean Swipe 360. The original Ocean Swipe 360 glass cleaner is an all out glass cleaning robot with more features and built-in electronics than you can shake a stick at, including touch screen controller and Read More

Reef Builders Reboot Phase Two: It’s Never a Smooth One

Reboot Phase One consisted of deciding on and ordering the new tank. Once that was done, it was time to tear down the original system. Temporary holding tanks were set up to hold the livestock, and the chaos began. The painful reminder came a few days later that these things never go smoothly. Rounding up friends to Read More

The AI Prime makes one awesome accent LED light

When most people see a teeny tiny LED light, their first thought is probably of nano reef aquarium applications. Naturally, a physically small light is ideally suited for smaller tanks, but we also see diminutive LED light engines like the AI Prime as a perfect light to compliment contemporary lighting, like T5s and metal halides. Read More

Eshopps modernizes their sump line with noise-reducing spillways

There’s a flurry of activity in the marine aquarium sump space as of late, and Eshopps has noticed that in 2015, users are demanding better features from new sumps, especially in regards to quieter operation. The new line of Eshopps RS sumps including the RS-100 are now endowed with a spillway for the drain line Read More

Back from the Solomon Islands with a new personal view of the reefs

When I first agreed to join a major aquarium fish and coral importer on a trip to the Solomon Islands, I blindly agreed knowing that there would be lots of reef fish and corals and diving involved, but I really had no idea what would happen. Perhaps I should have done more research and asked Read More

The Triton Reef: A full portfolio of this illustrious set up

The precedence of the Triton method and its new unconventional way of reef keeping has increased so tremendously over the recent months that it is quite impossible to sway away from the allure of this new founded principle. While much has been said about the methodology and the element testing, it is undeniable that the Read More

LiveAquaria carrying more of ORA’s quality livestock

LiveAquaria’s selection of ORA livestock has typically been only offered on the Diver’s Den, but recently LiveAquaria has begun offering a wider selection of ORA products. Another bit of good news is that ORA is fulfilling orders direct, eliminating at least one shiping stage in the entire transaction. On LiveAquaria you can access as many Read More

Aquarium Note for Android, a free log app

Ever since the dawn of computers, there has been some form of aquarium logging software available — from simple spreadsheets to complex web interfaces — and with the advent of the smartphone there are plenty of new apps for this as well. One that looks promising as a free app is Aquarium Note. It may Read More