giant-staghorn-corals-jake-1 Giant staghorn corals so big they make you feel small There are staghorn acros and then there are STAGHORN corals! It is astounding to see the massive size that some species can reach in their preferred habitat amnd stumble upon the kinds of gargantuan ship-grounding sizes the colonies and their branches can reach. We know how fast “aquarium” staghorns can grow and while it is
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Ebeye Special Acro – a new ‘shortcake’ from Kwajalein Atoll
Apex Fusion beta test video leaked

Precious video of Ball’s Pyramid shows rare footage of Chaetodontoplus ballinae in the wild

Chaetodontoplus ballinae is a dichromatic beauty of legendary proportions, documented based on two trawler specimens off the deepwater Australian coast in the late 50s and 80s. One of the rarest and least known of the Chaetodontoplus genus, this angelfish is known only from few locations off Lord Howe Island. Needless to say, the fish is Read More

Pseudanthias calloura makes an unexpected resurgence after a long hiatus

Pseudanthias calloura is widely known for its rarity as well as its beauty. It’s scarcity in the trade has promoted this species to the top of many wish lists, only to bring disappointment to said list makers. Commonly known as the Aurora anthias, P. calloura is always rare and has only appeared a handful of Read More

Porites coral dominates certain zones of Marshall Island reefs

Porites is among one of the first coral groups the budding stony coral reefers learn to identify but as recognizable as this genus is, Porites is much more ubiquitous on wild reefs than it is in our aquariums. Around the world Porites corals make up a big percentage of the coral cover found on certain reefs, and this Read More

Mitch Carl to MC MACNA 2014, Todd LaJeunesse and Mike Paletta added to speaker lineup

Now that 2014 is in full swing and we are closer to the next MACNA than we are to the last one, it’s time to kick our 2014 MACNA pre-coverage in high gear. As you know the world’s premiere marine aquarium conference will grace Denver, the Mile High City, with its presence at the end Read More

Kwajalein’s Montipora sp. “likatu” comes in three different polyps colors

Kajalein Atoll is a veritable paradise of SPS corals, and if you couldn’t tell already, there’s plenty of Acropora to go around. But we’re not leaving out the unique Montis of the Central Pacific region, it’s just taken us a while to get to them. First up for the most notable Montipora we sighted in the Marshall Read More

Syngna – a dedicated all in one seahorse aquarium by Reef Eden

The Syngna is a new all in one Seahorse Aquarium currently under development by Reef Eden International. Following in the footsteps of their popular Aurelia aquarium dedicated to Jellyfish, the Syngna inherits Eden Reef’s know-how in creating specialized aquariums for marine life with exacting requirements for the best health, growth and vitality. What we know Read More

Acropora tortuosa in Kwajalein has a unique blue tip color

Prior to traveling to Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands, we read a report citing the occurrence of huge tree-like old-growth stands of Acropora tortuosa that were discovered at Rongelap Atoll several hundred miles north of Kwajalein. We didn’t expect to see such huge colonies of Acropora tortuosa in Kwajalein but we did hold out Read More

The Giesemann Matrixx-II Dimtec T5 may be the most advanced T5 aquarium light to date

The new Giesemann Matrixx-II Dimtec T5 may be the most advanced T5 aquarium light ever released. Although LEDs have taking firm hold in the aquarium lighting market, there are still hobbyists that prefer T5 and HQI lighting or cannot afford to jump into solid state lighting. Giesemann married the best of both worlds — the Read More

Aurora LED puck kit from RapidLED approximates a single Radion cluster

The Aurora LED puck from Rapid LED is a DIY kit which closely models the arrangement of the Radion LED cluster. Going so far as to use the actual Radion cluster lens, the Aurora LED Puck offers four channels of color control and allows someone to build what is essentially a Radion “Nano”, but without Read More

101 Nano Reef Species is Scott Michael’s newest aquarium guidebook

101 Nano Reef Species is a new forthcoming book from Scott Michael, the archetypal aquarium fish guru who laid down the tracks for young fish nerds and the next generation of rare fish enthusiasts alike. 101 Nano Reef Species is a departure from Michael’s best selling Marine Fishes: 500 Essential to Know Species and 101 Read More