most-popular-stories Top 10 most popular stories of 2014 It’s that time of year again, not only when we recap our favorite new species of corals and fish, but also take a look back at what YOU the readers really liked the most. Through a combination of page views, comments and facebook like we’ve distilled our top ten most popular stories from the past
tunze-nanostream-6040-4 Tunze NanoStream 6040 Review: the most features packed inside the smallest controllable pump
Eheim’s Multibox is a handy fragging station

America & Cuba, sitting in a tree, Gramma dejongi for you & me

The leader of the free world, President Barack Obama, just announced a shift in United States policy with the Caribbean island nation of Cuba which has been sanctioned by the American government for more than half a century. The sanctions meant that there has been an embargo on all Cuban products preventing their importation into Read More

Neptune teases a few DoS pumps, approves Kessil A160we & Red Dragon 3 as Apex Ready

Neptune Systems is in the news today for announcing that they’ve begun shipping a few of their highly anticipated DoS dosing pump units. The $349 super high performance, controllable dosing system was first revealed in time for MACNA a few months ago this year, and those who already placed pre-orders should be receiving their units shortly, Read More

Bicolor flame angelfish might have a touch of the vitiligo

A nice large male solid red flame angelfish with flowing blue-edged fins is quite a sight to behold, we’d say it’s possibly one of the most beautiful reef fish, or at least pygmy angelfish. For some of you nothing will ever top a perfect normal flame angelfish and we can already hear you decrying that this Read More

US Navy’s new robotic shark is cool and a bit creepy

The US Navy has a new weapon straight out of an Austin Powers movie — a robotic shark. The Navy’s new tool, dubbed GhostSwimmer, is an underwater drone designed to look and swim like a real shark and the motion is uncannily real and you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference right off the Read More

Top 10 new coral and giant clam species of 2014

The discoveries of new fish species were really impressive this year and the coral and giant clam taxonomists also had their hands full in 2014. Across the board we are still seeing a nice steady flow of new soft and stony coral species, and this year was special in that it gifted us with not Read More

Awesome Fish Spotlight: Serranus chionaraia, the snow basslet ushers in some Christmas festivities

While it may be snowing in your country right around this time of the year, the snow basslet for sure didn’t get its name from the same frozen rain that many have come to love. Or hate, especially if you live in the frozen tundras of Duluth or Buffalo. Today’s Awesome Fish Spotlight features the Read More

Kiss Australomussa goodbye, say hello to Parascolymia rowleyensis

Australomussa’s place on the LPS branch of the coral tree of life has always been a little bit murky – today we learn a little bit more about where it belongs, and who its friends are. Parascolymia rowleyensis is the new name for the coral that we reef aquarists call Australomussa and it joins Parascolymia vitiensis in the Read More

Great Guns of Brixton! New snail named after the Clash’s iconic Joe Strummer

A deep sea snail with purple blood, spiked shell and living near hydrothermal vents are so reminiscent of the punk rock movement of the 1970s and 80s, the team that discovered a new species named it after Joe Strummer, the iconic co-founder of The Clash. The snail genus Alviniconcha’s spikes may have gotten the team Read More

Tunze NanoStream 6040 Review: the most features packed inside the smallest controllable pump

First announced just in time for InterZoo, the Tunze NanoStream 6040 is a controllable DC propeller pump with the entire pump assembly literally turned on its side. This neat little pump is basically identical to a smaller, more basic model called the NanoStream 6020 which is not controllable, cheaper and pushes about half as much flow Read More

Top 10 new fish species of 2014

The last few years have been really hot ones for the discovery and description of new reef fish species and 2014 was no slouch either. Sometimes it seems like new species descriptions are dominated by dwarf gobies of the Eviota and Trimma genera, while we had our fair share of those this year they were of the Elacatinus and Vanderhosrtia Read More