best-of-interzoo-2014-b The new InterZoo products we expect to see at MACNA Writing about the release of the Radion Mounting System got us to thinking about all the new products we reported on at InterZoo which American reefers will see for the first time at MACNA. While it may be four months after their initial release, many of the products debuted at InterZoo 2014 are one-offs and
Pachyseris-inattesa-new-coral-species Pachyseris inattesa is a newly described coral from the Red Sea
Tunze Turbelle nanostream 6020 and 6040 pricing and availability update

Hydra 26 review and comparison with Vega LED

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed using the AI Vega on our 29 gallon coral aquarium for over a year but with the release of the Hydra 26, it was time to try something new. Having our AI Vega in white be replaced with a nearly identical, white fixture which is smaller but equally bright is quite a Read More

Going to MACNA? Grab your official mobile app to keep you on track

Conferences like MACNA are always fun, but there is always the challenge of finding the speaker schedule, locating all your favorite vendors and just staying on top of everything that is going on — especially where there is so much reefing eye candy to distract your attention. If you are heading to MACNA, take a Read More

Meeting the classic Acropora abrolhosensis on a reef in Flores

The eraser tip shaped branch ends of Acropora abrolhosensis are iconic to our memory of the early days of SPS coral keeping. A nice fuzzy staghorn A. abrolhosensis is one of the most classic and recognizable corals that many reefing pioneers ever grew at a great clip, and it was such a real privilege to finally see one Read More

Hands on and first impression of the Kessil Spectral Controller

Kessil has a great track record in making beautiful aquarium lighting devices and their new Kessil Spectral Controller is no different, it even takes it a step further. The Kessil Controller is a fully fledged device that has a bright color LCD screen, a touch sensitive navigation panel, and simple ports for USB power and Read More

Unique Corals’ Joe Caparatta shares his experiences on the Fluval Sea Flores Expedition

What really made the Fluval Sea Flores Expedition special is that it was organized For Aquarists, By Aquarists (FABA). One of our distinguished reefers on this FABA trip was Manhattan Aquariums and Unique Corals founder/owner Joe Caparatta who has been keeping aquariums of all types since the 80s. With his latest enterprise, Unique Corals, Joe has been Read More

Ovabunda adamanensis is a new species of soft coral from Thailand

Ovabunda is a Xeniid genus of soft coral which was just endowed with a new species from Thailand, Ovabunda andamanensis. The genus Ovabunda was created to split off a number of Xenia species into this separate grouping of soft corals which are different from Xenia in having round, oval or irregularly spherical shaped sclerites. If you’re wondering why Read More

Rare Acropora robusta sighted in extreme flow environment

Acropora robusta is an interesting, thick branching staghorn coral which also happens to grow crazy fast in a high energy reef tank, especially when it is provided with “maximal” speeds for an aquarium. Often confused for Acropora abrotanoides, the main feature which makes A. robusta distinct is its penchant for growing mostly horizontal branches that spread out and Read More

The odd clownfish pair that spawned the Black Photon strain

While perusing some of our old videos we came across a feature of the odd clownfish pair that spawned the now-infamous Black Photon Clownfish strain. While visiting Dr. Joshi more than six years ago, we had the chance to meet the Onyx Percula and Black Ocellaris clownfish that were obtained as a pair in Ft. Read More

Sousa sahulensis is a new species of Australian humpback dolphin

Sousa sahulensis is a new species of Australian humpback dolphin which was recently described from what is now a pool of four species of the marine mammals. Fore nearly two centuries questions existed about the exact nature of the population of humpback dolphins with the Australian humpback dolphin being the latest newly recognized species. The Read More

GHL 2 Doser pricing and details revealed

The GHL Doser 2 is easily the most exciting new dosing pump system to be introduced in years. Following our extensive coverage at InterZoo 2014, GHL has finally let loose a few details on pricing and availability on this groundbreaking new product. The biggest change to the GHL Doser 2 is the wireless control has been Read More

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