fish eyes I see you looking at me, like I’m some kind of freak Sight is a vital sensory system for most living things that enables them to process and visualise information from their surroundings. What to eat, and where to find it? Who to flee from, and who to mate with? Survival and procreation are some of the day to day necessities that would be impossible, for most, without
coral-aquarium-time-lapse Five time lapse aquarium videos that show the ‘behavior’ of corals
AFM Marine BP reactor has a unique spin on fluidized media

The truth about Crabzilla

In case you missed it, there is an image circulating showing what the media have dubbed Crabzilla – a giant crab spotted lurking under the water near Kent in the UK. The image spread like wildfire and there was plenty of speculation that it was a hoax. The story first appeared on a website called Read More

Rare beaked whale washes ashore in Australia

From time to time the might ocean washes ashore rare and unusual creature and the latest one has scientists all aflutter because an extremely rare sea creature recently washed ashore  in Australia. This intriguing 10- to 13-foot creature is thought to be a beaked whale that was discovered about 100 miles north of Sydney at Redhead Read More

Will you stop hiding from me! Lonesome Liopropoma

Today’s post is c0-contributed by Mr. Tay, a friend of ReefBuilders and one of my best fish buddies in Singapore. Mr. Tay is known online by his alias “Digiman”, and has an extensive collection of deepwater and unusual fish, many of which have been featured here before. We love basslets, and Liopropoma is arguably one Read More

Aquaculture sales are up according to USDA Census of Aquaculture results

Late last month, the the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) released the 2013 Census of Aquaculture results and noted a 26 percent increase since the last report in 2005. The census measures the U.S. aquaculture industry in a detailed way. “The 2013 Census of Aquaculture expands on the data collected about aquaculture Read More

Rolling in the Deep in this awesome video from Papua New Guinea recently released this remarkable video shot in Papua New Guinea. While many other reefs and dive destinations in the Coral Triangle are dealing with the negative impact mankind has had on the local ecosystem, PNG is one of the “last unspoiled diving destinations left on earth,” according to the film’s description – and we Read More

Instant Ocean want you to design its next T-shirt

At one point or another, we’ve looked at a T-shirt design for a product and thought, “Hey I coulda done it better!” Well now is your chance as Instant Ocean is crowdsourcing its next T-shirt design and if they select it, you will get a cool 60 gallon cube aquarium, equipment, Instant Ocean salt and Read More

Metallic green mask Cryptocentrus pavoninoides is a rare aberration on a common fish

Aberrations in fish are rare, but extreme aberrations are seldom seen and almost unheard of. Over the years we’ve covered a heck load of aberrant and hybrid fish, but this one today is quite something. RVS Fish World just bagged a really neat aberrant Cryptocentrus pavoninoides, but there’s something unique about this guy.  Read More

Reef Nuggets 2: Aquatic Lepidopterans for your reef (Revised edition)

In our previous episode of Reef Nuggets, we explored our options for peaceful and lesser known damselfish to add a little spark of colour and life to our aquariums. Having vanquished the hateful stereotype that not all damsels are malevolent and malicious, we’ll delve into another touchy topic today. Having butterflyfish in reef aquariums. Yay or Read More

Get to know some unique, free-living and “walking” corals

Disc corals have gotten incredibly popular over the last few years for their ability to have extremely brilliant colors, a single polyp & corallite which is hard to propogate, and because they are just that cool! However disc and tongue corals are not the only free-living corals on certain parts of the reef environment. Other super Read More

Three more new MACNA talks; Nick Klase on LEDs, Laura Birenbaum on cuttlefish and Justin Credabel

MACNA may be more than a month past but the density of high quality speaker presentations continues to be felt on a weekly basis with releases from BulkReefSupply every seven days. Up this week are talks from Nick Klase of BuildMyLED, and Laura Birenbaum and Justin Credabel both from ReefGen. Nick Klase has been pushing Read More

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