happy-black-friday Black Friday aquarium deals aplenty, are you ready to shop? For the last five years or so, we have listed out some of the great Black Friday shopping deals our sponsors have. This year we are excited to see more manufacturers relax the MAP pricing and allow their retail partners offer great products at great prices. While there are plenty of other merchants and vendors
maxspect-gyre-pump-1 Gyre Flow: What a difference ten years can make
Radion Mounting System is a sleek new light arm from Ecotech Marine

Build a “blue collar dreambox” with Custom Aquariums’ Seamless Sumps

At the Aquatic Experience in Chicago last weekend we were drawn to Custom Aquariums’ booth by the novel Siphon Stopper and H2Overflow plumbing parts, but we stayed to examine their new Seamless Sumps. Custom Aquariums might be the first company to ever offer an aquarium sump that is made from custom molded polyethylene. The Seamless Read More

Survival on the reef part 1: Masquerading under false colours

Look at this amazing pair of Meiacanthus grammistes. Eh hmm…wait a minute. That’s not quite right. Look closer. Cardinal fish? Bingo. This is a pair of Cheilodipterus nigrotaeniatus and they are excellent mimics of their venomous fang blenny models. Mimicry is an age old evolutionary strategy for survival, and comes in various forms. Mimicry encompasses protective resemblance, in Read More

Eviota algida is cute new species of nano goby from the heart of Indonesia

A short distance off the southeast coast of Bali, there lies a smallish island called Nusa Penida which is the discovery site for a new species of nano goby. Eviota algida joins a parade of new species to be described in the genus and with such an incredible number and diversity within the genus, attention to Read More

DAS ReefView Aquariums include an artificial reef to hide the overflow

Dutch Aquariums Systems, a Texas based aquarium manufacturer better known as DAS displayed in Chicago last weekend an interesting new marine aquarium line called the ReefView Aquariums. ReefView Aquariums have a couple unique features going for them, the most notable of which is a pre-built artificial reef scene which completely covers the internal overflow with Read More

Skullcandy mushroom anemone raises the bar for incredible Discosoma

If you needed any indication that mushroom anemones still have a lot to offer reef aquarists in terms of amazing color and pattern, you need look no further than Cherry Coral’s exciting Skullcandy Discosoma shrooms. At first glance the Skullcandy shrooms looks like a wicked morph of the Caribbean Discosoma neglecta, but these are in fact Discosoma mushroom Read More

Dirk’s Reef Glasses enable light filtering of reef colors

This weekend at the Aquatic Experience in Chicago we caught up with America’s most infamous traveling hawker of reef wares Dirk, who showed us a novel new product which has been flying off his temporary shelves. Reef Glasses are essentially colored safety glasses but somewhere along the way Dirk or someone noticed that the colored Read More

MagFloat Scrape algae magnet coming soon in a smaller size

Mag Float seems to be content with releasing one new algae magnet product or size once a year and for next year they’ve got a new smaller version of their popular Mag Float Scrape series. The Mag Float Scrape is an algae cleaning magnet that has a removable glass or acrylic scraping blade while the Read More

Sequential Hermaphrodites: Protandrous, Protogynous or serial bidirectional?

Things are rather peculiar in the realm of reef fish. Few phenomenons are clear cut in black and white. At a glance it’s as if the myriad of biological processes walk the grey zone, waiting for the deciding waves to push them to either the side. Dig a little deeper and you’ll realise that things aren’t what they Read More

Ogles’ new mesoscope gets a massive price cut down to $200!!

The Ogles Mesoscope is by and large, one of the most innovative and niche products ever conceived and created for the aquarium hobby. We were completely amazed when we began tinkering with the first model of the Mesoscope, and fall in love all over again when a couple years ago Ogles released a new and Read More

Tropic Marin Nano Shake & Make salt mix and collapsable jug kit

The Tropic Marin Nano Shake & Make is an original salt-mixing kit which combines the best ideas of both the Instant Ocean commemorative jug set and the Seachem Hydrotote. Not only is the Tropic Marin Nano Shake & Make a collapsable jug, it also is paired up with pre-measured amount of salt mix to create Read More

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