endangered-stony-coral-species Meet 6 of the corals that are in danger of becoming illegal The petition to list over 80 species of stony corals as endangered led to a ruling that 20 of the proposed corals were deemed threatened, and warrant protection under the Endangered Species Act. Of those 20 corals, five are Caribbean species which have already enjoyed a thorough degree of no-take protection so these species are
Acropora_cervicornis Endangered versus Threatened: Why should you be concerned?
Radion Mounting System is a sleek new light arm from Ecotech Marine

MaxSpect Gyre pump gets its first real close up

When it is finally released to the public in a couple of months, the MaxSpect Gyre pump will undoubtedly be one of the hottest new reef aquarium devices to hit the scene in a really long time. The completely new design of the MaxSpect Gyre Generator water pump creates wholesale water movement in the aquarium Read More

CoralVue trots out a stable of IceCap branded aquarium gear

IceCap is a brand whose name was once hallowed in the reef aquarium community but which has all but fallen out of public minds since the company was shuttered several years ago. The first hints of a resurrection of the IceCap brand came earlier this summer with the announcement of the IceCap reverse osmosis water Read More

Yelp! for groupers and moray eels

There are some peculiar symbiotic relationships on the reef and this newly uncovered one between a grouper and an eel may just take the cake (or the fish). Scientists and divers have seen groupers and eels working in tandem to hunt in the wild before, but there is not new evidence this is even more Read More

Neptune formally announces WaV pump, 1Link module, and pricing

The WaV pump from Neptune Systems saw a subdued unveiling at MACNA in Denver a couple weeks ago that was all but overshadowed by the forthcoming DoS fluid metering system. Not one to let questions go unanswered about an exciting new product they are working on, Neptune Systems has just released a webpage detailing the bevy of Read More

Royal Exclusiv is building a 3-meter-long Dreambox…and I want it!

Royal Exclusiv’s Dreambox sumps are incredible works of art that add just as much style to the sump and maintenance portion of your aquarium as we try to achieve ‘upstairs’ in the display. When we saw this incredible 3-meter version of the Royal Exclusive Dreambox the team in Germany is creating, the envy immediately set Read More

Triton Aquatics Hybrid T5 & LED invites you to Bring Your Own Lights

We’ve seen some hybrid LED & T5 light fixtures made for aquariums over the years but the new design from Triton Aquatics is arguably one of the most inviting we’ve seen. In lieu of selecting your bulbs and what kind of LEDs used in their fixtures, Triton Aquatics has developed a shell of a light Read More

New Reef Octopus hang-on protein skimmer spied at MACNA

Reef Octopus has a new hang-on protein skimmer model which really breaks the mold for what we generally expect from this category. There have been plenty of hang-on protein skimmers made in a plethora of shapes and sizes in the past but we really like the direction Reef Octopus is taking with this model. In Read More

The top 4 Reef forums for the reef community

We thought it might be cool to list the top reef forums in the overall hobby. And we have complied a list below for your reading pleasure. Read More

Get ready to watch the MACNA 2014 Speaker presentation online, for FREE!

Over the last 25 years MACNA has been a bastion of new ideas and cutting edge directions in the marine aquarium hobby; in the early years some presentations were filmed and available to purchase on VHS at the end of the show, or thereafter, but as MACNA has grown, the challenge of taping, editing and Read More

Aquatronica now independent company

Aquatronica, the Italian based maker of aquarium controllers is now an independent company. That is according to reports from one of the new owners Massimo Brandi and Massimiliano Belluzzi, who reported earlier in the year they were looking at separating from their larger parent company AEB Technologies who makes automotive products. Working under a larger Read More

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