lanceolatus map Fairy Wrasses: The lanceolatus group The members of the lanceolatus group are some of the largest and showiest fairy wrasses, collectively celebrated for their grandiose caudal fin and chromatic brilliance. The group spans most of the Indo-Pacific, with its various species occupying a series of non-overlapping biogeographic ranges which fit together like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. This puzzle
A. firmamentum, showing typical schooling behavior. Credit: Paul Caigen Rare species of Arothron pufferfishes
Hands-on with the PRS Corrente digital flow sensor

Advancing technology helps build a more realistic robotic fish

We have covered robitic fish quite extensively, but recent advancements in technology and the availability of cutting edge “off the shelf” technology in the new maker movement, robotic fish  are getting more advanced and approachable. Take for instance Maurizio Porfiri,  a professor in mechanical engineering at New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering, who is Read More

Pair of rare orange Cantharellus imported from Fiji

Cantharellus is a genus of Fungiid coral that you’ve probably never heard of, but which is actually kind of really common and widespread on reefs around the world. Whereas the majority of disc corals that we get for our aquariums like Cycloseris and Fungia are super easy to collect because they are free-living and unattached to the Read More

Awesome Fish Spotlight: Zebrasoma xanthurum, the Purple Tang

It’s been some time since we last featured an Awesome Fish Spotlight, and what better way to continue than with an evergreen aquarium favourite from a well loved genus. Zebrasoma is without a doubt the blue eyed boy of the acanthurids, and with a half dozen or so species to choose from, Z. xanthurum ranks Read More

Cirrhilabrus marinda, a cryptic new species of fairy wrasse similar to C. condei

Cirrhilabrus marinda is the newest species of fairy wrasse to be described, with the new fish being a very close offshoot of the common aquarium favorite, Cirrhilabrus condei. Marinda’s fairy wrasse looks very similar to Conde’s fairy wrasse with a nearly identical color pattern in both sexes, and the new C. marinda being distinguished primarily on the basis Read More

Reef Gen’s New Lemon Lime Goniopora is absolutely delish

The Reef Gen Lemon Lime Goniopora is a sweet looking flowerpot coral the company is releasing very soon. Reef Gen’s Justin Credible has been toying with this and other goniopora’s for years and it shows in the vibrant coloration and neat appearance. Unlike other gonioporas collected from the wild with a hunks of the wild skeleton Read More

Plating Astreopora randalli discovered in a green-splattered color morph

Over the last couple of years we’ve had the distinct great privilege of visiting exotic coral reefs, many of which have never been seen by divers, or at least visitors with such a strong focus on the corals that actually build the reefs. On our last excursion thousands of miles from the comfort of an Read More

Manhattan Aquariums installs gravity-defying coral art at new Carnegie exhibit

There’s a new coral aquarium exhibit at the Carnegie Museum of Art that shows corals in a very dramatic and unusual way. The installation features corals arranged and affixed to a “reef” in the shape of a large ‘E3′ as part of Antoine Catala’s Distant Feel exhibit. The uniquely designed aquarium was realized by Manhattan Aquariums Read More

New Marine Depot video shows how to make an attractive Aquarium screen top

Screen tops are the best way to keep fish from jumping out of the aquarium. For many years, glass tops were the preferred way to keep fish inside the aquarium, preventing them from going carpet surfing. Just about every plastic-braced glass aquarium on offer, at least in the North American market, was usually bundled with Read More

Waikiki Aquarium management has head in the sand about recent animal deaths

The Waikiki Aquarium has been a bleeding edge aquarium institution in the world for the better part of a decade. We aquarists have revered and longed to see this world-famous display of marine life in Hawaii ever since it was one of the first to grow the bejeezus out of stony corals, and especially for Read More

Destination De Jong

There are a handful of fish and coral powerhouses spread around the world in isolation, each with their special niche and prowess responsible for procuring some of the hobby’s most sought after. Most recently on our little tour of Europe, we swung by one such establishment, notorious in their craft and embellished with the songs Read More

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