most-popular-stories Top 10 most popular stories of 2014 It’s that time of year again, not only when we recap our favorite new species of corals and fish, but also take a look back at what YOU the readers really liked the most. Through a combination of page views, comments and facebook like we’ve distilled our top ten most popular stories from the past
tunze-nanostream-6040-4 Tunze NanoStream 6040 Review: the most features packed inside the smallest controllable pump
Tunze’s smallest skimmer, the DOC 9001, set for release “any day now”

BioTek Marine USB PAR sensor appears for pre-order on Aquairum Specialty’s website

Less than a week after discovering that Apogee is working on a USB PAR sensor we’ve spotted this very device under the BioTek Marine brand over on Aquarium Specialty’s website. As we suspected the USB PAR sensor will retail for under two bills at $195 and this device’s 15 foot, 3 meter cord will make Read More

Gorgonians don’t care about stupid ocean acidification

It seems like coral scientists and researchers are constantly finding new ways that corals are dying and how coral reefs are an endangered ecosystem, but for once, it seems like at least one group of corals will be able to weather the coming climatic storm. New research on the Caribbean photosynthetic gorgonian Eunicea fusca indicates that Read More

Misty Media Reactor from AquaFX

Besides using a filter bag to house chemical medias, there aren’t really too many options for administering GFO or Carbon filtration on smaller tanks with smaller filters. AquaFX has made a note of this and bundled up a small water purification canister with the necessary plumbing and parts to turn into a small media reactor with Read More

Lightning X Lightning Maroon Clownfish – Preliminary Results are IN!

We all were holding out hope that, just as the first matings of two Picasso Percula Clownfish yielded a 2nd new designer form of clownfish, so too people anticipated that  the mating of two Lightning Maroon Clownfish would hopefully create something “new” as well. The saga of the Lightning Maroon Clownfish entered this a new Read More

Survival on the reef part 3: Distractions and decoys

Continuing with our mini series on reef fish survival techniques, we stray away from mimicry and take a look at how some fishes use the art of distraction to fool their predators. Not everyone has the ability to conceal their body to look like a floating piece of leaf, nor have they the ability to copy Read More

Spoiler Alert: Details emerge on Pixar’s Upcoming “Finding Dory”

Like it or not, Pixar’s “Finding Nemo” is now culturally entwined with our hobby and if the rumors on the movies sequel “Finding Dory” are true, it is about to get even more entwined. Read on if you chose. We all have heard it before when you explain you have a saltwater aquarium, “So you Read More

Rossmont Mover MX pump will push more water without getting any larger

Rossmont has come up on the one year anniversary of the announcement of their unique Rossmont Mover pumps. To celebrate, Rossmont has entrusted us to reveal that a brand new range of water pumps called the Mover MX line will soon be released with some definite technical successes in tow. The Rossmont Mover MX will have the Read More

7 Questions: Joe Yaiullo

In our next installment of “7 Questions” we sit down with Joe Yaiullo, the Curator and Co-Founder of the Long Island Aquarium & Exhibition Center in Riverhead, New York. Known for curating an amazing 20,000 gallon coral reef at the aquarium, Joe is extremely active in the reefing community making appearances at national, regional and Read More

Red Sea Reefer video overview reveals some details about the new system

Red Sea’s Reefer range of rimless reef-ready aquariums are designed for advanced hobbyists who have their own preferences of aquarium equipment, and are also in the market for a higher end tank, stand and sump to start with. More than any other product that Red Sea has revealed in recent years, the Reefer line has garnered Read More

Will the real Terelabrus rubrovittatus please swim up

Terelabrus is at the moment a monotypic genus first erected in 1998 based on an unknown labrid caught at 100m in Bulari Pass, New Caledonia. Since then, the genus has not expanded despite the appearance of two potentially new species, one of which from the Indian Ocean. In the aquarium trade, these three different looking Terelabrus species Read More

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