flores-aquarium-diving A reef tank is not a piece of a natural reef I have to chuckle when I hear someone say that their reef tank looks just like a reef in the ocean, or that their tank is like a small piece of the reef. It may sound like sacrilege to fellow reefers, but despite how much we want to believe this illusion, or how good our tanks look, or even
cladocora-persian-gulf The Persian Gulf is hiding a treasure trove of brilliant Azoox corals
Build My LED gets multi-channel control, taking beta product orders

Fisheye Aquaculture’s Captive-Bred Porkfish – Commercially Available

Captive breeding continues to grow in many ways, and one of the newest barometers of captive-breeding influence might be the amount of pelagic-spawning marine fishes becoming routinely commercially available. Fisheye’s Jonathan Foster really hits this point home, stating that here in the US, both Proaquatix and Fisheye currently have pelagic-spawning species in commercial production with four species each. Read More

The Tank Boss from UltraLife may be your ultimate ATO-in-a-box

The Tank Boss from UltraLife is an intriguing auto top off (ATO) with a bunch of handy features built in. As technology is getting more sophisticated, we are starting to see a few devices consolidated into one and that is what the Tank Boss ATO is with top off, level control and leak detection in Read More

“Uncharted Waters” by The Association for Marine Exploration shows a deluge of incredible twilight zone reef species

The twilight zone is one of the least explored places anywhere in the ocean and human surveys are greatly limited by SCUBA diving. In this 16 minute long video by AME titled “Uncharted Waters”, a brief explanation is given on the limitations of SCUBA equipment, the benefits of rebreather diving as well as a short Read More

Meet Sepios, a robot that swims like a cuttlefish

The strange looking four-finned robot doesn’t look like much until it is placed in the water when its fins start undulating and it begins to dance through the water. Inspired by the movements of cuttlefish, Sepios is a unique robot with quiet, efficient and agile motion underwater. Sepios was created by Pascal Buholzer and fellow Read More

JBL Proscan is the brilliant union of chemistry and technology

The JBL ProScan system is a new approach to testing and logging aquarium water chemistry that unites something really old, with something really new. With the use of the JBL ProScan App, you can use the phone’s built in camera to take a snapshop of the ProScan test strips, and the system will automatically evaluate Read More

Rainbow Stylocoeniella was THE diamond in the rough of MACNA 2013

Yesterday’s post on the master list of rainbow corals in aquariums was started in part by our visit to the World Wide Corals Farm. But that write up got us asking coral people if there is such a thing as a “rainbow stylocoeniella” and the beginning of that story goes way back to MACNA in South Read More

Reef Builders x Cairns Marine: A visit to the facility

If you’ve been following our recent posts and our Facebook updates judiciously, you’d know that we had the greatest pleasure of visiting Cairns Marine and their wonderful team just a few weeks back. Apart from touring the facility and seeing how things were managed, we also had the absolute delight of speaking to Timothy Bennet, deepwater Read More

The Coral Sea Pseudanthias cf. aurulentus looks even more amazing in a reef

A few days ago we wrote about a potentially new Pseudanthias species from Cairns Marine that has been coming out of the Coral Sea. This remarkable fish has been dubbed temporarily as Pseudanthias cf. aurulentus and is a member of the Pseudanthias lori complex. In our earlier article, we uploaded some photos of the fish taken Read More

Reef Builders Editor’s Choice: Top 5 best Nano products of 2014

When considering the best new products of 2014, we try to highlight the most innovative, and performance-enhancing new devices that have the potential to radically change how we do things in our marine aquariums. However, last year more than ever there was another subset of product releases that kind of did the same thing on Read More

Tropic Marin Carbocalcium, Liquid Buffer and new test kit for your hardness and pH needs

We continue to share some of the new products Tropic Marin has rolled our recently and we are now focusing on Tropic Marin Carbocalcium and Tropic Marin Liquid Buffer to address issues with your pH, calcium and carbonate hardness. Carbocalcium is one of the few products that will address the calcium and carbonate supply is Read More

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