devil clam-4 Face to face with the mythical Devil Clam, Tridacna mbalavuana We’ve been writing about the devil clam, Tridacna mbalavuana (formerly T. tevoroa) for years, and even more so in the last couple months since Tonga loosened up its exports of giant clams. But finally, this week we had the chance to see a real live devil clam, in person, in the flesh, and extremely personal. Coming face to face
stenopus tenuirostris A Photographic Identification Guide to Stenopus Shrimp
Fishbit aquarium monitor and controller launches at CES

Biota Marine adds four species of Eviota to their repertoire of captive bred successes

These particular few weeks have played host to a flurry of aquaculture stories, from Bali Aquarich’s hybrid Pomacanthus and brand new A. trimaculatus, to Biota Marine’s captive bred Clown Triggerfish. Palau based Tom Bowling and Till Deuss from Biota Marine are back again with more news on cultured fish, but this time with a stark contrast in Read More

Cool Tonga giant clams coming through Pacific Aqua Farms

After years of shipping out some really neat corals, the Kingdom of Tonga has finally moved forwards with permits for the export of wild, giant clams. Tonga is in the heart of giant clam biodiversity with at least eight of the eleven known species naturally occurring within its boundaries, including the endemic species, Tridacna (tevoroa) mbalavuana, the Devil clam. Read More

Triton Detox is an innovative way to remove trace heavy metals

Let’s face it, heavy metals are never a good thing and until recently we could only mitigate the ways that these unwanted elements made their way into our tanks. However, with the rise in ultra-precise aquarium water testing using ICP technology by Triton Lab, we can now test for unwanted metals down to the single-digit Read More

Mini Cube LED is packed with power and versatility

There’s an awesome and cute little LED light currently under development that just screams success from across the LFS. We sighted the affable little cubes of LED lighting power in New York recently and absent a specific product name, we are dubbing the Mini Cube LED, because that’s exactly what they are. Measuring in at Read More

Aquavitro Phosfiltrum by Seachem dials phosphate removal up to 11

Phosfiltrum is a new phosphate removing filter media by Seachem which is part of their high performance Aquavitro line. After years of offering only their Aluminum Oxide phosphate remover Phosguard, Seachem has gone all in with three different types of phosphate remover to address different applications. PhosNet is a basic granular ferric oxide, Phosbond is Read More

Bali Aquarich’s angelfish accolades part 3: Trimaculatus trifecta

It has been a wonderful week for us here in Bali again, and our two-monthly visit to Bali Aquarich never fails to deliver amazing stories. Having seen their first ever captive raised Pomacanthus hybrid and the development of those darling Holacanthus passer, we round off this angelfish trifecta with updates on their newest offering. Apolemichthys trimaculatus. Spearheading Read More

Cycloseris disc corals can exhibit full-on Chimeras

If there’s one thing we love about corals the most, it’s that they don’t play by the same rules as other animals. Corals are able to exhibit a whole array of seemingly impossible biological phenomenon, including the ability to be two individuals, fused into one, a condition which is called Chimerism. Chimeras can occur in Read More

Biota Marine’s Cultured clown triggerfish already shipping from Quality Marine

There’s been quite a frenzy of captive bred fish in the marine aquarium world lately, but the new cultured clown triggerfish from Biota Marine in Palau are an exciting new group of fish altogether. Frank Baensch has raised crosshatch triggerfish in the past, but if there’s one species whose juvenile are extremely popular in the Read More

Reefapalooza Orlando this weekend

Reef Aquarium shows and conferences have become a very big deal in the American marine aquarium hobby and if you haven’t been to one of the big three yet, MACNA, Reefapalooza or ReefStock, you are really missing something special. Reefapalooza is going down in Orlando this weekend for its second year since it was franchised Read More

First Impressions of the Trigger Systems Tideline Series Sumps

Trigger Systems has been providing great sumps for a while now, and they recently expanded their lineup to include the Tideline series. Trigger Systems took notice of the rise in white reefing equipment in the market, and put their own spin on it. The layout is versatile, and they added enough little features to make Read More

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