OLYMPUS-DIGITAL-CAMERA Breathtaking views of coral reefs at Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands Alright, alright, alright! We’ve been teasing you with innumerable posts about individual corals and novel colonies found at Kwajalein Atoll but now it’s time to blow your mind with some serious eye candy! If you thought scenery like this has become rare on coral reefs, we can assure you that they abound on the stony
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Ebeye Special Acro – a new ‘shortcake’ from Kwajalein Atoll
Cobalt NeoFlow gets groped and handled at ReefStock

Evil one-eyed chalice coral sighted at 110 feet in Kwajalein Atoll

While on a deep dive on the ocean side of Kwajalein Atoll, we came face to face with a pair of chalice corals with a striking look unlike any we have seen in aquariums, or in the wild. With a single prominent central corallite and a bony appearance dominated by large and prominent septa, these Read More

Pavona cactus deserves a whole lot more presence in our reef tanks

When diving wild reefs, as we did last week in Kwajalein Atoll, corals like Pavona cactus remind us of the wild disparity between the abundance of corals in nature and their relative presence in aquariums. Pavona cactus is one of those incredibly recognizable corals that many reefers can name, even if they’ve never kept one Read More

Sicce Voyager Nano pushes water quietly and discretely

Sicce is no newcomer when it comes to making fine water pumps for our aquariums and we expected nothing less of their Sicce Voyager Nano. We first spotted the Voyager Nano in Sicce’s Aquarama booth in Singapore about a year ago and our enthusiasm for this tiny little water mover was well deserved and worth Read More

NextReef not printing sumps but they are showcasing use of 3D printer in the industry

Yesterday’s post on NextReef using a 3D printer to ‘print’ sumps was in fact an April Fool’s prank we were a part of so sadly, we are not quite ready to have a 3D printed sumps quite yet. However, there is the growing trend of using 3D printers to help with the production of equipment Read More

World’s largest aquarium opens in China, sets five world records

There is a new king when it comes to aquariums and it is setting new world records — five in fact. The Guinness World Records recently confirmed the new Chimelong Ocean Kingdom that just opened in China is now officially the world’s largest aquarium. Adding all the tanks up in the gigantic theme park and Read More

Seaside Aquatics variable speed dosing pump

The Seaside Aquatics dosing pump is a durable single-channel peristaltic pump with no controller, but a single control knob. If you want to dose a two or three part solution to keep up your reef aquarium’s mineral balance, then a more programmable and multichannel dosing pump is likely what you’ll want to aim for. However, Read More

Acropora rongelapensis is one of the craziest Acros we’ve ever seen

Ever first we learned and wrote about the exquisite Acropora rongelapensis, it has been on our bucket list to go to the Marshall Islands to find and photograph this species in the wild. Last week we just happened to be on a diving binge in Kwajalein Atoll and fulfilled a true coral geek’s dream, to find Read More

Nuvo Fusion brings Shallow Reef styling to smaller Innovative Marine aquariums

Innovative Marine’s Nuvo Shallow Reef series turned a lot of heads with an out-of-the box set of features which brought the modern marine aquarium into the twenty-teens. Now, the Nuvo Fusion brings the same attention to aquaristik detail to the Nuvo Fusion line of aquariums. Available beginning this week, the Nuvo Fusion aquariums come either Read More

The longfin black darwin ocellaris clownfish is real! (video)

Not only is the longfin clownfish from Sea & Reef Aquaculture a real fish, but we’ve also got the video to prove it. The real April Fool’s joke of yesterday’s posting of only the second known longfin clownfish to be documented is that this endowed black Darwin Ocellaris is not only real but it is Read More

NextReef experiments with 3D printed sumps

3D printers are getting more affordable and more robust and NextReef is now leveraging this next wave in aquarium equipment design by building 3D printed sumps on spec. The company has been doing contract work outside of the aquarium industry that helped justify the expense of a large commercial 3Dprinters. By simply plugging in custom Read More

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