jake-vincent-video The Show Episode 5: Jake & Vincent talk about coral farming and diving the Flores Sea If you don’t know who Vincent Chalias is by now you must have been living under a very big piece of live rock. Following on the successes of Bob Mankin in the Solomon Islands and Walt Smith in Fiji, Mr. Chalias is one of the pioneers of aquarium coral mariculture in Indonesia. In recent years Vincent
Acropora_cervicornis Endangered versus Threatened: Why should you be concerned?
How to turn a Sicce Shark ADV internal filter into a fluidized reactor in less than 2 minutes

Aquavitro aquarium tools by Seachem coming soon

Seachem has announced their new aquavitro aquarium tools. The new tools are made from premium stainless steel and are ideal for both freshwater and marine aquariums. In total there are about 12 different types of aquavitro tools that include forcepts, shears, soil spade and last but not least a coral cutter. Seachem is a major Read More

Avast Marine recirculating media reactor retrofit kit

As part of their annual celebration of Talk Like a Pirate Day Avast Marine is releasing a new accessory in their growing catalog of YouBuilt devices. For this year Avast would like to introduce reefers to the concept of a recirculating media reactor with their retrofit kit that keeps the biopellets and solid carbon dosing Read More

Behind the face of LiveAquaria – Kevin Kohen’s fish collection part 3

We’ve come to the final installation of our three part mini series featuring the private fish collection of Kevin Kohen. This last post covers Kevin’s nano tank, so it won’t be a long post as there aren’t many fish in here. However personally, this is my favorite tank of his and it is a true Read More

Meet 6 of the corals that are in danger of becoming illegal

The petition to list over 80 species of stony corals as endangered led to a ruling that 20 of the proposed corals were deemed threatened, and warrant protection under the Endangered Species Act. Of those 20 corals, five are Caribbean species which have already enjoyed a thorough degree of no-take protection so these species are Read More

Oman Clownfish can make epic Journeys

That is according to a new report from Steve Simpson of the University of Exeter, United Kingdom. Steve and his colleagues studied Oman anemonefish (Amphiprion omanensis) which is unique to the Arabian Sea off Oman. The group studied two separate populations 248 miles (400 kilometres) apart from each other and captured a total of 136 Read More

Free fish and coral reef wallpapers for the new iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus

Apple’s newest flagship iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have begun shipping to stores and pre-orders which means that tomorrow, a lot of you will have a shiny new smartphone in need of some equally shiny backgrounds and wallpapers. Not one to let an opportunity to meld aquarium and popular culture, we’ve curated a selection Read More

Reef Octopus DC-X2 is the second generation of the open volute skimmer

Reef Octopus is such a prolific protein skimmer builder and designer, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with how many models they release. The latest protein skimmer to get a revamp is the Proffessional Open Volute series who’s second release is being dubbed the Reef Octopus DC-X2. The RO DC-X2 shares the same wine glass-shaped Read More

Cirrhilabrus claire trio was invited to America by Quality Marine

Cirrhilabrus claire is one of our all time favorite species of fairy wrasses and lucky for us, it seems like this year might be be a fruitful one for this incredible and exciting fish from the South Pacific. Two years ago, Claire’s fairy wrasse made its aquaristic debut with specimens collected in deep waters of Read More

GHL Mitras Lightbar now available for nanos, deep actinic color coming soon

The GHL Mitras Lightbar is getting smaller and is now available for nano tanks. Additionally, the Mitras Lightbar is also be made in a deep actinic color for those looking for a deeper blue color in their reef aquarium. The nano Mitras Lightbars are designed for 40 cm (around 15.75 in.) or 50 cm (around Read More

Endangered versus Threatened: Why should you be concerned?

While yesterdays event scared just about everyone in the greater aquatics industry we might come to expect that more often as different petitions make there way around federal bodies that deal with the ESA. A lot of folks think we are safe if a species is listed as only threatened versus endangered but for the Read More

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