petco-foster-smith Breaking: Petco is planning to buy Drs. Foster & Smith, including LiveAquaria National pet-store chain Petco has entered into an agreement to acquire Drs. Foster & Smith, the leading mail order pet supply company in the nation, and parent company to our beloved LiveAquaria. The first thing that comes to mind in times like this, is how things might change for either of the companies involved. As we
red-sea-reefer-450-black-white Red Sea REEFER tanks get pricing and early 2015 delivery date
Tunze celebrates 50 years of protein skimmers with a working replica of the original

Tropic Marin Nano Shake & Make salt mix and collapsable jug kit

The Tropic Marin Nano Shake & Make is an original salt-mixing kit which combines the best ideas of both the Instant Ocean commemorative jug set and the Seachem Hydrotote. Not only is the Tropic Marin Nano Shake & Make a collapsable jug, it also is paired up with pre-measured amount of salt mix to create Read More

Reef Savvy fundraiser for St. Jude’s is your chance to win a dream reef tank

With all the negative press the marine aquarium industry gets as a whole, it is nice once in a while to report on how we give back. If you haven’t already heard, a huge number of leaders in the industry are banding together to make the dreams of one individual come true, while at the same time Read More

Zero Edge introduces clownfish-themed Series 7 sumps

The Series 7 sumps are a new line of remote aquarium filters from Zero Edge, a company well-known for its skills in acrylic-smithing. Zero Edge has added a special degree of flair to their Series 7 sumps with obviously clownfish-inspired color theme of orange and white sump walls and bottom with clear sides and top Read More

Understanding the photography triad: ISO, aperture and shutter speed

As aquarium owners, we are often very proud of our creations and want to capture them in pictures. Perhaps it’s that Acropora that you’ve been growing, or that fish that you love so much. Photography is a great way to document and digitalise your day to day hobby activities. Photography is an art, and there is Read More

BlueLife USA Resinator introduces a novel take on the media reactor

The Resinator is a new chemical media filtration system from BlueLife USA which takes a fairly different approach to managing chemistry of aquarium water. When most of us think of a media reactor we envision a large contraption which aggressively flows water through our desired blend of carbon, GFO and other medias, but BlueLife USA Read More

Cannon Pro LED advances Ecoxotic’s assault on metal halides

Ecoxotic is continuing its agenda to ‘endanger metal halide’ lighting with a next generation of LED spotlights called the Cannon Pro LED. For several years now the Ecoxotic Cannon LED spotlight has been the most popular LED option for replacing metal halides in large aquarium setups for private aquarists and public aquariums due to its Read More

Tridacna ningaloo officially described as a new species of giant clam

Tridacna ningaloo is the newest species of bivalve we can welcome into the growing family of giant clams. Earlier this year scientific research into the genetic makeup of Australian giant clams revealed that a cryptic species was lurking among the Tridacna around Ningaloo in western Australia, and now the species has been officially described. From a Read More

Poetry in motion, Apolemichthys kingi in notion

Embellished throughout, with stripes of a tiger. Not one of mammal, but of equal desire. Your presence is known, but secret i’ll keep. A halo a clue, is all I shall speak. Read More

H2Overflow & Siphon Stopper are two unique new plumbing accessories

The H2Overflow and Siphon Stopper are two very novel new aquarium plumbing parts from Custom Aquariums. The company specializes in aqarium installations and maintenance and their years of experience have led them to develop these two new plumbing parts because they really needed it. If necessity is the mother of invention, the H2Overflow and Siphon Stopper Read More

ORA’s Whitespotted Pymgy Filefish Makes A Third

Filefish are one of those forgotten groups in our hobby. Not generally thought of as reef safe, too timid for the typical fish-only setup (where their relatives, the Triggerfish, tend to be more obvious choices), the Filefish are relegated to the curiosities, the afterthoughts. ORA’s latest captive-breeding first, the Whitespotted Pygmy Filefish, aka. Rudarius ercodes, Read More

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