pacific map2 Diversity and forms of the Pseudanthias ventralis species flock: How many are there? In light of our recent trend in picking apart cryptic species within a given complex like we did for Pseudanthias pascalus and Nemateleotris helfrichi, we continue yet again with a rather massive undertaking. This time with Pseudanthias ventralis. This beautiful species is wide ranging across much of Oceania, but seems prone to insular variations with at least
Mark's 180 Reef Builders Reboot Phase One
Ocean Swipe 360 — A Robot that can clean all four sides of an aquarium

DaStaCo2 calcium reactor media now available in America from Triton US

With the introduction of Triton additives and Triton Lab water testing, the reef aquarium community has become increasingly cognizant of trace levels of beneficial elements, impurities, and anything that could be an unwanted source for the latter. It’s now easier than ever to be critical of what level of purity is in our aquarium additives Read More

Hands-on with the Biotek Marine USB PAR Sensor

BioTek Marine really got a lot of attention when they announced their unique BTM3000 PAR meter. The BTM 3000 is actually a bare PAR sensor with a USB connection to be ‘powered’ by any regular old computer, PC or Mac, and we couldn’t be any more impressed with the execution on the hardware. Users of Read More

Hybrid flasher wrasses abound at Triton Bay’s Flasher Beach

When it comes to reef fish, Gerald Allen is a world renowned ichthyologist, diver and all around messiah of all marine fishes. So when Dr. Allen writes a rave review about a particular place in the world, you better take note, such as the case of his recent description of a very special place in Read More

New species of Stylaster coral, Errina labrosa

Of all the different types of corals we keep in our aquariums, the group that gets the least amount of our attention or bandwidth is undoubtedly the Stylaster corals. It doesn’t help that Stylaster and Distichopora have very poor survival rates in our aquariums, or that they are not “true” corals, but we still could stand to Read More

Join us for NERAC 2015 in Long Island this Saturday

The Northeast Regional Aquarium Conference aka NERAC is taking place in Long Island and we are very much looking forward to an overdue visit to the fabulous saltwater displays at the Long Island Aquarium & Exhibition Center, formerly known as Atlantis Marine World. This Saturday, the home of Joe Yaiullo’s world-famous 20,000 gallon inland coral Read More

AI Prime now shipping, will be priced at just $199

The time for waiting is over as one of the hottest new lights of the year, the AI Prime LED, is starting to become available this year. Despite being a “brand” name LED light the AI Prime is one of the brightest, smallest, cheapest, and most versatile LED lights the market has ever enjoyed. Those Read More

Oldest Known Sponge Fossil Found In China

A newly published article documenting the discovery of a tiny fossil from Southern China is helping to expand our understanding of the very earliest stages of the evolution of multicellular animal life. (image above is Eocyathispongia. Image from Yin et al 2015.) The newly-found fossil (Eocyathispongia qiania) is only 1.2mm wide and 1.1mm tall, but even Read More

Shipping livestock is the weakest link in Aquatics

The hobby has made remarkable strides over the last 30 years; almost everything in the hobby is now superior to how it was in the early days of the hobby.  Sadly the one thing that really has not improved is shipping. I have spent countless hours in airport cargo facilities waiting for shipments to arrive.  I have Read More

Brilliant yellow branching flowerpot lands at Unique Corals

Flowerpot corals of the Goniopora genus is not usually a coral to get really excited about, but a new type/strain just landed at Unique Corals which is making us want to set up a field of them. The new corals are a branching species of Goniopora that has the most exquisite, toxic yellow-green tissue that we’ve ever seen in Read More

New island in Tonga will be a front row seat to reef development

Earlier this year a volcanic eruption began forming a new island in Tonga and it’s fairly substantial in size, considering how little time it took to form. At almost a mile long and half a mile wide, this virgin island is now visitable since the eruption has died down, and already colonization of the land Read More

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