Bristle Worm Removal from Saltwater Aquariums

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  1. Z says:

    Bristle worms/fire worms species are almost always harmless to aquariums and often times beneficial. There is enough misinformation about this topic already. Please educate yourself and edit your article accordingly.

  2. bob brown says:

    How do u get them

  3. Kris says:

    Well Z
    I would say the same for you. There are many different types of bristle worms and lots carry a toxin in their bristles. Some are harmless and other can be really devastating to critters. They are absolutely harmful and harmless dependent on both the type of worm and the size. And if your a non-believer, try this experiment….
    Take the largest bristle worm you can catch and let it crawl around on your bare leg. This is a sure way to know of they are potentially harmful to your tank.

  4. Slumworts and the big 26 says:

    The article needs a lot of cleaning up, there are way too many words. To the author: words with less syllables work great when you are trying to help people understand things. There’s also a lot of redundancy in your article. Only really important points need to be made more than once. For instance: “The container needs to be opaque. I have outlined this before.” None of those two sentences is necessary. I found the information sortof helpful, but not a fun read.

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