DOC is The Most Important Parameter For A Healthy Reef Tank: Here’s a New Method to Manage It

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  1. Avatar mbruun says:

    Somehow my comment was cutted… nevertheless this is a reason N-Doc analysis and I will make one more in like 6 months when the cryptic sump are well established.

    Tank info: 700 liter well stocked sps dominated. 3 year old.
    Filtration: Skimmer, GAC changed like every month, Fleece filter and now a small cryptic sump

  2. Avatar mbruun says:

    Hi Salem
    Super artichle with lots of practical information and relations between real coral reef and our artificial reefs.
    It made me re-introduce a cryptic sump – accidentally crashed the first cryptic sump by draining it for 48 hours

    Analysis Setpoint
    (TIC) Total inorganic carbon 43.90 mg/l 27.00 mg/l
    (TOC) Total organic carbon 3.58 mg/l 4.00 mg/l
    (TC) Total carbon 47.45 mg/l 31.00 mg/l
    (TNb) Total nitrogen 1.69 mg/l 1.30 mg/l

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