December 13 2008,


Another mysterious product that hasn’t made it in full production. Take a gander at the Volcano skimmer, this skimmer while most likely built by a hobbyist but still very deadly. The skimmer is 18” diameter and stands just short of 6ft. Running the skimmer are Sequence Dart (bolder motor) and an Alita 80 using up 185 watts of power. This skimmer is actually insane. It has a carbon lid system, a phosphate reactor output connection, the whole skimmer functions as a water change device since the skimmer will full holds about 80 gallons of water.  The phosphate reactor output is very clever,  “small particles that get thru the reactor will ideally get sucked out to the collection cup without making it back to the sump and eventually to the tank. It works well actually, when I first set up my phos reactor it made a big cloud and the skimmate ended up being more of a rust color. ” Since this was a custom job, we don’t want to know the price but expect it to be in the $2000+ range.


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