June 25 2009,


Inside the newest edition of Coral magazine (July 09 Issue) you’ll find an rather exciting article about breeding comets. Comets are known as marine betas. “Contrast and color are what most often command our attention when we view the fishes in our aquariums, and few marine species can rival the bold and exciting pattern of the Comet, also known as the Marine Betta. Probably named after the celestial trail of sparkles in the tail of a streaking comet, Calloplesiops altivelis is a gorgeous marine aquarium fish suited to beginner and advanced aquarist alike. Though elusive in the wild, hiding in the shadows of ledges and rock rubble, Comets in captivity come to be quite bold over time, displaying their magnificence throughout the day. Comets exhibit some truly bizarre behaviors, a peaceful disposition, and a flawless health certificate—all of which have made them a popular icon in the marine aquarium trade. Captive breeding of this gem, however, has posed difficulties over the years.” If you want to read the whole article be sure to pick up the newest edition of Coral magazine that is hitting soon, or become a regular subscriber.


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