February 8 2010,

Fauna Marin’s new Ultra Pest control will be available soon. And as much as we would like to think we don’t need products like this we all do at some point in our saltwater keeping lives. This Ultra Pest Control is a pest control (aka killer) or coral dip that is designed before you place your corals in to your main display tank. Technically, we all should quarantine our corals before placing them in to our main display tank, but lets be honest.  How many of you actually do this? The Pest Control doesn’t contain any Iodine while still killing most bacteria and parasites on the corals themselves. Fauna Marin says its made from natural extracts and will not change the coloration of the coral. You can start ordering it now, but it should be available later this month. Expect pricing to be around $35. Contact your favorite Fauna Marin retailer or order it online.


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