February 18 2010,

GHL ProFilux, the company that brings you the popular ProFilux controller is set to release their very own iPhone app. The iPhone app (which is pictured above) is set to be released to the iPhone app store, and if approved should be available some time soon. “The app currently has 2 options, for those of you who have a computer on or are not so computer literate to set up a static IP (or Dynamic DNS) address via your router you can simply use the logging app and be up and running in minutes, with this option you can log data every minute from your Profilux GHL III firmware using 5 or later. Alternatively, those who do have a external IP address for the Profilux III can let the web service collect the data for you twice an hour.” GHL ProFilux is billing this as a “no experience needed” application, something that makes us smile.


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