August 24 2010,

We’ve heard of white yellow tangs being spotted in the wild before but this is the first we’ve seen of a completely ghost white yellow tang being captured for the aquarium trade. World Wide Corals just received an all white yellow tang, Zebrasoma flavescens from Hawaii along with an oddball yet decidely less singular yellow tang with white splotches. The latter yellow-and-white tang is a jumbo 5-6″ or so but the two inch ghost tang is doubly weird for being so small; normally the aberrant yellow and scopas tangs are show sized for Zebrasoma.

World Wide Corals is ramping up for the American reef aquarium hobby to converge on the Orlando reef scene next week and part of the preparation is the acquisition of exotic livestock. The Ghost Tang that WWC just received certainly is a gem of a fish, for it’s rarity and for it’s probable cost. If this fish really is a genetic aberration which can retain that eerily pale coloration then we’d have to compare it to the amazing albino ocellaris clownfish that will be coming to the US soon. Don’t call up Worldwide expecting them to sell you this fish because odds are they’ll be holding to Casper the Ghost Tang as a store mascot. We’ll be looking forward to checking him out next week. More pics of both weirdo yellow tangs after the break.


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