April 25 2011,

Two months after Marineland stated they were investigating quality issues news comes they are recalling both the Marineland Stealth and Stealth Pro aquarium heaters. The total size of the voluntary recall? 1.2 million units. This voluntary recall is from “38 reports of fires resulting in property damage and 45 reports of broken aquarium glass.” In fact United Pet Group has received one report of a consumer who suffered an eye injury when the aquarium heater forcefully broke while he held it. United Pet Group is the parent company that owns the Marineland Brand. For those of you wondering what is recalled we have a full list of model numbers below that are affected. This recall applies to both the Stealth and Stealth Pro model lines. If you are using still using one of these heaters in your aquarium you are playing with fire, literally. You can bring your old heaters to any Petsmart or Petco for a full refund as well as most major retailers.


Marineland Stealth Models Marineland Stealth Pro Models
Wattage Model # Wattage Model #
25W ETP25 25W ML90447-00
50W ETP50 50W ML90448-00
75W ETP75 75W ML90449-00
100W ETP100 100W ML90450-00
150W ETP150 150W ML90451-00
200W ETP200 200W ML90452-00
250W ETP250 250W ML90453-00
300W ML90454-00




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