October 19 2011,

Warning: Video does contain harsh language, profanity and shark finning. It may be disturbing to some viewers!

Earlier this year, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey aired a special called “Shark Bait” looking at the shark fin soup phenomenon and what propels shark finning, causing the senseless death of sharks after being harvested of their fins. This video we found online shows Chef Ramsey watching the preparation of the soup and trying. He finds the soup broth delicious but points out that anything could be in there but the shark fin itself doesn’t add flavor. Right after this, Chef Ramsey confronts some patrons asking customers why they eat the soup.

As the show’s description mentions, an estimated 100 million sharks being killed worldwide and a third of the world’s open ocean shark species being driven to extinction by overfishing. The special explores if the slaughter is really necessary. From a restaurant serving the soup to a fin drying operation to filming footage of sharks being caught for their fins — the video can be disturbing, but hopefully shows why the practice should be stopped. While we abhor this practice, we do applaud chef’s like Chef Corey Lee of Benu in San Francisco who has developed a faux shark fin soup that might even be better than the real thing.


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