April 12 2012,

The Tunze MasterStream pumps are some of the largest water flow producing propeller pumps available for aquariums. Built with DC motors and low voltage input, the Tunze Masterstream are specifically designed for tanks big enough that people can get inside to work on them. A previous demonstration video showed a Tunze MasterStream powering a small boat around a pond so surely it can provide enough thrust to flow up a monster reef aquarium. In the first of these two new demo videos Tunze shows us a pair of their largest Masterstream pump providing almost all the water motion in a 40,000 gallon reef aquarium.

The tank still looks new so its not chock-full of corals yet, but the field of flapping anemone tentacles seem to be digging it. In the second video, a 1,500 gallon multi-sided aquarium is flowed by a single ‘small’ Masterstream pump which is cleverly placed to push water a-la gyre flow method of water movement. The large bulk of the Masterstream and their required mounting otpion leaves something to be desired in terms of aesthetics in the aquarium but having sufficient and proper water flow is most important to the health of these young reef aquariums.


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