January 2 2013,

Tank-Bred Annularis Angelifsh to become a staple offering – courtesy of LiveAquaria.com

We reported on the new availability of captive-bred Annularis  Angelfish (Pomacanthus annularis) earlier this year, and as of mid December, LiveAquaria Director Kevin Kohen told us that a pretty steady stream of fish are coming through importer Quality Marine (50-80 per month) and 20 individuals have already sold through the Diver’s Den.  Kohen has reported these fish, produced by Bali Aquarich, as “solid fish”, which we would expect for a captive bred or tank bred specimen.

What’s noteworthy now is that Kohen reports these captive-bred Annularis are coming in at the same price, or even very slightly less, than their wild-caught counterparts. That price competitiveness generally seems to be a tipping point in the marketing of captive bred fish.  So much so, that as of December 26th, 2012, LiveAquaria will now be offering captive-bred Annularis as a regular offering in the main website, no longer only available as an exclusively boutique item through the WYSIWYG Diver’s Den!  We believe this is the first time a captive-bred Angelfish has made it beyond the Diver’s Den and into the mainstream offerings of LiveAquaria.com, truly another advancement for captive-breeding as we close out 2012!


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