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Diver’s Den


Orange tongue coral with red tentacles and purple tips – first frag coming to tonight’s Diver’s Den

The mother of all orange tongue corals is coming to LiveAquaria’s Diver’s Den tonight. Being a colonial Fungiid, tongue corals of the Herpolitha genus are colonial which makes them a very suitable candidate for fragging and propagation, as is the case with this fabulous coral strain. We’ve only ever seen a couple dozen orange tongue corals, … Read More

LiveAquaria proves mad skills with Oxymonacanthus halli

We’re sorry to sound like shrieking young fangirls when singing the praises of “LiveAquaria” Diver’s Den, but time and again Kevin Kohen, Steve Krogh, and the rest of the team behind the Drs. Foster & Smith live aquatics division, prove that they may be the standout, singular company to deal with when seeking the rarest, … Read More

Tank bred Annularis Angelfish have become a routine LiveAquaria offering

Tank-Bred Annularis Angelifsh to become a staple offering – courtesy of We reported on the new availability of captive-bred Annularis  Angelfish (Pomacanthus annularis) earlier this year, and as of mid December, LiveAquaria Director Kevin Kohen told us that a pretty steady stream of fish are coming through importer Quality Marine (50-80 per month) and … Read More

LiveAquaria planning a second expansion announced via social media, that it is planning a second expansion of their Rhinelander Aquaculture Coral & Marine Life Facility. This is exciting news, especially for anyone that is a fan of their Diver’s Den. When completed the expansion of livestock holding should allow LiveAquaria to hold and condition many more fish for the … Read More

Oxymonacanthus halli: LiveAquaria’s offers the Red Sea harlequin filefish

LiveAquaria produced and delivered, a fully conditioned specimen of the Red Sea “Harlequin” Filefish, Oxymonacanthus halli.  I cook dinner for my wife and son, go run some errands, and come home to a Facebook posting from Dr. Matt Wittenrich, waving this picture of Oxymonacanthus halli from LiveAquaria on my wall, there, taunting me publicly. It’d be like, … Read More

Roughtongue bass, Protonogrammus martinicensis: trio shows up in the Diver’s Den

The roughtongue bass, Protonogrammus martinicensis, is one of the nicest rare reef fish that can be found in American waters. With a distribution spanning most of the Caribbean including the Gulf of Mexico, the roughtongue bass is actually one of the most common fish found at a depth between 200 to 400 feet at some … Read More

Lipogramma evides and Pseudochromis olivaceus shows up on LiveAquaria’s Diver’s Den

LiveAquaria has been scoring with some really top notch fishes lately especially from the Curacao and Red Sea region. Latest additions to the Diver’s Den to come out from these locales includes the Klayi basslet, Carmabi basslets, the Spanish Flag grouper from Curacao, as well as the paucifasciatus butterflyfish and nigrolineatus fang blennies from the Red Sea. Joining … Read More

Remarkable collection of rare fish on Diver’s Den proves that LiveAquaria is indeed a force to be reckoned with

One can hardly deny that LiveAquaria is indeed one of the best online stores in the U.S. Although they ship only within the United States, their top notch customer service and impeccable range of high quality products are legendary even in this side of the globe. For many, the Diver’s Den has become a popular … Read More

Striped blue and orange tube anemone shows up on Divers Den

Tube anemones are absolutely stunning non-photosynthetic animals, and striped ones are even cooler. Add two colors into the mix and you end up with the beauty currently up on Live Aquaria’s Diver’s Den. This specimen has been the third “rainbow” tube anemone up on Divers Den, the previous two rainbow specimens featured a orange mouth … Read More

Opinion: I heart LiveAquaria’s Diver’s Den

This post would be in total fanboy territory were it not for the fact that the Diver’s Den has become a fixture of American reef aquarium culture. Like Reefer Madness before it, for many years LiveAquaria’s Diver’s Den has been the online reefing community’s daily fix for real and window shopping of exotic marine aquarium … Read More