January 2 2013,

White Corals in Germany has shared with us an incredible new crop of Jawbreaker-style Discosoma mushroom anemones. In perhaps what is one of the most exciting livestock news of 2013 (so far), these freshly collected, wild-harvested Jawbreakers were imported from Tonga, as opposed to being captive grown like the ones we saw from Rukis, at the crawling pace that this particular Discosoma known for.

With this fresh new look at the Jawbreaker mushroom anemone we can hope to see more of this species coming in from the wild so that we can all enjoy a wide diversity of genetics in this unique Discosoma. It’s not a surprise that the Jawbreaker mushroom is coming from Tonga which is known for very colorful and unique soft and stony corals.

If White Corals received three specimens it’s very likely that others were collected along side them and that they may be shipping to livestock dealers in small quantities all over the world. Time will tell is this is a freak lucky collecting trip or if a Jawbreaker-rich collecting site has actually been found.

Jawbreaker-mushroom-tonga Jawbreaker-mushroom-orange


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