January 8 2013,

The yellow hammer coral is an exciting new color variation of the ever popular Euphyllia ancora. We’ve seen a steady stream of exciting new fleshy LPS corals coming to aquarium channels over the last few years; most of us will be familiar with the orange hammer corals, gold torch coral and even an orange frogspawn here and there but the distinctly yellow hammer coral is the new top shelf var of this iconic coral species.

As far back as a year ago Aquarium Specialty sent us pictures of one of the first truly neon yellow Euphyllia ancora we’d ever seen. Call it lime, lemon, neon or highlighter the fact remains that these yellow hammer corals have strayed far from being just another shade of green, and we believe to coral connoisseurs will agree.

More recently, Global Reef Supply, who also brought us the most cray-cray Trachy of all time, sent us pics of a fresh new batch of the gorgeous yellow hammer coral morph which we are beginning to see with very limited regularity. As cool as yellow hammer corals are, the fact that orange hammer corals have remained few and far between, we don’t imagine the yellow hammers to become somewhat available the way that gold torch corals have become. Nevertheless, we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled so we can start working on making a bouquet of green, orange and yellow hammer corals.

neon lemon lime yellow hammer coral
neon lemon lime yellow hammer coral

neon lemon lime yellow hammer coral


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