January 8 2013,

We all know ORA as a the most prolific inland marine life producer, breeding, growing and generally culturing all manner of reef fish, corals and invertebrates. Oceans, Reefs and Aquariums masters the breeding of new species so regularly that we almost take for granted how much marine life they actually breed. But do you know how many different varieties of clownfish ORA raises on a commercial scale?

We were beginning to lose track of how many different Amphiprion and Premnas strains are cultivated under the roof of ORA’s farm so we decided to do something about it. Using ORA’s own catalog of captive bred clowns we’ve amassed this collection of skunks, tomatoes, perculas, bicinctus and everything in between. If you are not super clear on all the different clownfish strains, this video also helps to tease apart the picassos from the snowflakes, the platinums from the goldflakes. Enjoy!


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