June 7 2013,

We recently covered Reef Angel’s integration with the Jebao WP-40 powerheads and now the Reef Angel will also play nice with the Speedline, Jeabo and Diablo DC pumps. Interestingly nothing had to be changed from the Jebao waveline pumps, as the cords are actually identical. Could they really have made Reef Angel’s job any easier?

Reef Angel is still testing the pumps to see if there are any unexpected problems, but they should be available and confirmed in the following weeks. We list Speedline and Diablo DC pumps as well since all these pumps appear to be made by the same company (or at least offer identical controls). Whether the Reef Angel will also play nice with the Waveline DC pumps, is still up in the air since they’ve recently revamped their pump design, but the original model once again offers an identical controller interface.

So what does this mean for the Reef Angel crowd? You’ll now be able to control your returns, skimmer and smaller closed loops through your Reef Angel Controller, phone, tablet or computer, assuming they are DC pumps listed above of course. Additionally you will be able to pre-program wave cycles on your closed loops and or returns, and slow down your return pump during feeding instead of completely turning it off. Some of it is gimmicky perhaps but it is awesome to think or reef aquariums are moving towards total computer control.



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