July 5 2013,

Black Clarki clownfish will soon be available from Sustainable Aquatics who has been on a streak of releasing new captive-bred fish. Clarki clownfish are probably the second most popular species of Amphiprion for aquariums. The light color form is the most commonly encountered variant of A. clarkii and although it belongs to the same species, the black Clarki clownfish looks like a totally different animal.

The appearance of light colored Clarki clownfish is highly variable with two big broad stripes and a light white or yellow colored tail making for a very attractive fish. However, the black clarki clownfish has a more predictable look, and the dark body coloration makes the stripes and tail really pop, with the tail usually a brighter yellow and the stripes sometimes bordering on blueish.

Normally with new releases of captive bred fish we expect the initial batches to be small but we’ve been hearing rumors that Sustainable Aquatics is putting something in their water that is resulting in huge batches of their captive bred fish. That or they’re just getting really, really good at rearing marine reef fish.

The black clarki clownfish are available now from Sustainable Aquatics and they cost only a slight premium over their mocha counterparts. Unlike darwin black ocellaris clowns though, which take a year or more to reach peak blackness, the black clarki clownfish are jet black shortly after metamorphosis so they will be easy to appreciate even when small.




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