What exactly is the Twinstar and how does it work?

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  1. Jappy says:

    probably… no definitely using electrolysis of water (and other constituents) to sterilize microbes (includes algae cells)
    Chinese has patent on the concept. CN206635085U

    It would kill off any small single/simple cell organisms in water, that plus added oxygen (on the contrary to some belief O2 level in water does not kick out CO2) to further enhance its sterilization process (making O3 in the process among other decomposition)
    So I would assume that is how it works, O2, O3 those are toxic to most (oxidation, antioxidants etc should ring a bell) organisms, except mitochondria…
    So It would kill or denature the algae cells/spores floating around and waiting on a surface to sprout, thus over all algae growth minimized.

    Potential cons due to its system:
    probably accumulate Ca or other minerals in water though, so if in hard water is used it maybe little less efficient since you have heavy build up on the electrode.
    It would kill a floating bacteria as well but I guess majority of beneficial bacteria is living in substrate, filter, surface, it wouldn’t do much damage.

    But unless the unit fails I would doubt the current travels far from the unit (same as water flowing down, electricity goes least resistance path)

    after looking at the unit I might give this a shot if I had appropriate tank sizes (now 5,3gal nanos)

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