August 22 2013,

What this little bubble coral lacks in size it more than makes up for with one-of-a-kind appearance. Despite being hardy, beautiful, common and cheap, bubble corals have been taking a backseat to some of the more brilliant species imported for aquariums in recent years. Shared by Elite Corals Australia, this gorgeous Plerogyra sinuosa is in a league of its own that even cat’s eye bubble corals can’t touch.

The complex coloration of green with metallic yellow reminds us of some of the crazy beautiful Euphyllia corals which have been seen in recent years. With MACNA coming up in South Florida next week we expect to see a good representation of top shelf LPS corals like this from some of the country’s best livestock dealers and hopefully, we might catch a glimpse of a bubble coral or two on the same level as Elite Corals Australia’s mind-bending specimen.



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