August 27 2013,

There you have it! The first in depth look at Ecotech’s window into your reefing home which will put all Ecosmart products on the cloud, beginning with the Radion LED lights. Looking more or less like a local networking router in the shape of an AppleTV, the Ecotech Marine Reeflink is an attractive white box with a simple ring of LEDs for status indication. On the backside the Reeflink also has a USB port, a power input and an ethernet port but the real magic is hiding inside, which is why we went ahead and took one apart.

As we expected, the ReefLink sports the EcoSmart wireless daughterboard also found inRadion LEDs and EcoSmart controllers for VorTech pumps. Built-in wifi puts the ReefLink online sans wires while an internal AC/DC power supply reduces on clutter outside the unit. The most notable surprise upon opening the ReefLink is the use of removable storage in the form of a 2GB MicroSD card which means that upgrading the ReefLink with more storage (and more programing) should be a cinch in the future. While the ReefLink won’t be officially unveiled until the first day of MACNA on Friday, enjoy these intimate snapshots of the ReefLink’s inner workings. [ReefLink]


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