5 Common Reasons Leather Corals Refuse to Expand

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  1. Avatar Bill Goody says:

    honestly if you can’t keep leathers then maybe you should start with freshwater tanks

    1. Avatar Rixson says:

      I like a fella that thinks like me but sometimes you can come across as a bit of a twat. Ha ha

  2. Avatar Paul B says:

    As Jeff maintained, other corals may be the cause of a leather coral “discomfort”. If you keep a tank long enough (3 or 4 years is not long enough as even Supermodels can go that long without eating) you will notice cycles form. Some cycles can be hair algae, cyano, diatoms or locusts etc. I have a very old leather in my tank now that looks to be croaking. Corals exude all sorts of things into the water and they do it in relation to the moon, not the sun, so the lighting you expose your tank to at night may be as important as the light you have in the daylight. Of course no one knows this except the leather corals and they are not talking. Also resist the urge to clean your leathers with saddle soap unless you got them at the Leather Warehouse.

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