January 8 2014,

The incredible slice of reef aquarium skill contained within the Triton Reef display aquarium is exactly the kind of excellence you’d expect to find at the intersection of the Triton Method, Lani LEDs and HydroWizard pumps. We could go round and round in discussing the finer points of the Triton’s chemistry, the Lani’s actual LED spectrum and intensity and the finer points of the HydroWizard’s cost and efficiency but when all is said and done, the proof is in the pudding and this video is all about results.

The video of the Triton Reef display tank and the two HydroWizard Medium water pumps that power it was made in mid-day when the Lani-LED is at full spectrum intensity so the PAR is cranking but the colors are not quite popping. Either way, it’s elementary to see that the Triton Reef corals are in the prime of health with phenomenal growth margins on everything from huge coral colonies to that super happy Tridacna gigas clam.

Like the opposite of a “California Style” fruit-stand reef tank, the Triton Reef is populated by exceptionally nice and large coral colonies, all of which are reaching ideal sizes for the species. On one side you can see the clear effects of how a staghorn Acropora colony is reacting to the localized flow pattern, creating a barrel wave of Acro branches trying to hug the massive water flow exiting the HydroWizard Medium.

Despite the Triton Reef display’s huge size, the fact that the whole aquarium can be flowed with two pumps buried deep in the back and sides just goes to show you that you don’t need a ton of powerheads, nozzles and outlets to move water all around the tank when you focus on using equipment that produces mass water movement; pushing and moving the entire water volume as a single mass, providing circulation through every part of the aquarium and its coral inhabitants


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