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Proaquatix’s new captive-bred Jackknife Fish: Why you need them!

On June 16, 2015, Proaquatix officially released the news that they’ve successfully spawned and reared the Jackknife Fish, Equetus lanceolatus (see the press release and additional images at the end of this article). This isn’t a species first; captive-breeding of the Jack-Knifefish was first accomplished decades earlier by Forest Young (currently of Dynasty Marine) at Aqualife Research Corp., and … Read More

Dynasty’s deepwater deluge series 3: Plectranthias garrupellus and Gonioplectrus hispanus

The final series to this short Curacaoan sampling deals with two prominent and rather well known Serranids from the region. Plectranthias garrupellus and Gonioplectrus hispanus are more or less icons of the surrounding region and are again, one of the few nearly exclusive offerings from Dynasty Marine. Unlike the basslets in the previous article, P. garrupellus … Read More

Dynasty’s deepwater deluge series 1: Lipogramma evides and L. klayi

Like an infinite looping paradox, we yet again find ourselves dealing with a deluge of deepwater Curacao fish that would be criminal if we did not at least feature briefly. While it’s usually the more charismatic and regalia clad Liopropoma and Prognathodes that get all the glory, let’s not forget that Curacao has more than that … Read More

Awesome Fish Spotlight: Lavish Liopropoma, the Golden Basslet

Our first Awesome Fish Spotlight for 2015 goes to the infallibly lavish Liopropoma aberrans, otherwise known as the Golden Basslet. L. aberrans is a cornea scorching fish with an incredibly vibrant combination of saturated yolk-yellow, bleeding into a rich tangerine toward the centre. The zone where the two colours mix is replete with a honeycomb reticulated pattern which … Read More

Awesome Fish Spotlight: Serranus chionaraia, the snow basslet ushers in some Christmas festivities

While it may be snowing in your country right around this time of the year, the snow basslet for sure didn’t get its name from the same frozen rain that many have come to love. Or hate, especially if you live in the frozen tundras of Duluth or Buffalo. Today’s Awesome Fish Spotlight features the … Read More

Awesome Fish Spotlight: Serranus luciopercanus, the Walleye Basslet

Today’s Awesome Fish Spotlight features another Curaçao gem from the genus Serranus. We love Serranus, and over the years we’ve covered articles on a wide range of species from this genus. The genus attains highest development in the Atlantic, especially in the Caribbean where aquarium favourites such as S. baldwini, S. tigrinus and the beautiful … Read More

Awesome Fish Spotlight: Antilligobius nikkiae, The Sabre Goby

We feature yet another deepwater Curaçao fish today, but this time it’s a goby from the monotypic genus Antilligobius. Antilligobius nikkiae is named after Dutch ‘Antillen’ referring to the region now known as Antilles or Caribbean Sea.; nikkiae: Named after Nicole Laura Schrier, the daughter of Adriaan ‘Dutch’ Schrier, owner of the Sea Aquarium in Curaçao. Despite its … Read More

First Tusk Hermit crab goes on sale in the U.S. at Old Town Aquarium

Hermit crabs are rarely thought of as little more than the janitors for our reef and marine aquariums and blue leg and scarlet hermit crabs are purchased for cheap by the dozen to do our bidding. These species are colorful and attractive in their own right but they can’t hold a candle-shaped shell to the … Read More

The Blunt-nosed Basslet is a perfect Caribbean curiosity for your deepwater tank

Bullisicthys caribbaeus is a remarkably cute fish from the deep waters of the Caribbean that is worth taking a second look. Not often is the word cute used to describe a fish, but the blunt-nosed or pug-nosed basslet is certainly cute, in every definition of the word. The name sake comes from its highly unusual one … Read More

Plectranthias face-off: Two incredible species, P. fourmanoiri and P. garrupellus

We LOVE Plectranthias! Now repeat it with conviction, and then again while you read this post. Here at ReefBuilders we’re always on the ball with the genus Plectranthias for new discoveries, new species for the trade, you name it. We’ve covered a whole plethora of Plectranthias species in the past and do we have a treat … Read More