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Libra doser’s stoichiometry skills and easy navigation featured in new video from Vertex

It’s no secret that we’ve been smitten with the sophisticated chemistry controls first promised by the Libra doser from Vertex Aquaristik. We’ve yet to see any Libra dosers in the wild since their announcement two years ago and first look last fall, but hopefully the release of this instructional video for the Libra doser means that Vertex … Read More

Rx-Z zeolith reactor from Vertex Aquaristik is a Rolls-Royce for Zeovit systems

The Rx-Z zeolith reactor is one more feather in the cap of Vertex Aquaristik and its goal to (probably) make every kind of device that reef aquarists could ever want. Coming in two sizes, the Vertex Aquaristik zeolith reactor will come in a Rx-Z 1.5 and Rx-Z 3.0 which hold one and a half and … Read More

Vertex Aquaristik algae magnet and magnetic holders are built for class

Never before have we seen so much care and attention to detail placed in magnetic aquarium accessories as there exists in the Vertex Aquaristik algae magnets and magnetic holders. The Vertex Simplex and Duplex and the Sensor Mag probe holder were just the beginning of Vertex’s plans for a complete line of magnetic aquarium accessories. … Read More

Vertex Aquaristik announces pricing and release date for two models of the Libra doser

The Vertex Libra doser has been teased for over a year, first shown off at MACNA last fall and now Vertex is ready to anoint their fancy doser with a release date and pricing. Vertex Aquaristik will begin shipping the Libra in July with two different models in tow. As we were initially informed, the Libra … Read More

Cleaner-Mag Simplex & Duplex stacked against several other nano algae magnets

The Vertex Cleaner-Mag Simplex and Duplex were first spotted at MACNA in Des Moines where we got a good look at them, on the shelf. Now that the production Cleaner-Mag Simplex and Duplex have been released and priced at $9.99 and $14.99 respectively, we’ve had a chance to unbox them from their pretty wrappers and … Read More

Vertex Aquaristik is working on some swanky probe holders and nano magnet scrapers

Vertex Aquaristik is working on some new aquarium accessories to help you scrub smaller tanks and to keep probes in place. Since vertex already uses its fair share of titanium in various products, it makes sense that they would use the same titanium screws in a forthcoming magnetic probe holder. Along the same lines Vertex … Read More

Vertex Aquaristik soon releasing affordable add-on skimmer neck cleaner

Not content to let Avast Marine’s Swabbie have all the skimmate cleaning fun, Vertex Aquaristik will soon be releasing a protein skimmer neck cleaner of their own called the Vectra. The Vertex Vectra skimmer neck cleaner is powered by a durable brushless AC motor which can stand up to the stop and start and torque required … Read More

Libra dosing pump from Vertex Aquaristik is versatile and touchscreen controlled

The Libra dosing pump from Vertex Aquaristik is a very capable and versatile peristaltic dosing device. Within about a month, Vertex will release the Libra with the built-in touch sensitive controller and three dosing pumps which will come with either a very accurate stepping motor or a DC motor. The Llibra’s controller features some fancy … Read More

Vertex Cerebra and Libra touchscreen have been retooled to be completely flush-mounted

Vertex Aquaristik hasn’t even set up their booth but that hasn’t stopped us from laying eyes on the gorgeous new touchscreen for the Cerebra aquarium controller and forthcoming Libra dosing pump. It’s been a while since we’ve heard much about the Android-based vertex Cerebra controller but come this time tomorrow, we should be seeing both … Read More

Vertex Illumilux LED gets unboxed

  The Vertex Illumilux LED lightstrip we first spied at InterZoo is in our hand and we couldn’t help but pop it out of the box and take a closer look at the light to see how it has progressed since we first saw it. This light is going to go to a lucky reefer as … Read More