kwajalein-coral-reef-scene-8-620x465 Recap of this week’s new products to create an aquarium reefscape By some neat coincidence, this week witnessed the announcement of four new products which have a different approach to building a mini reef aquarium aquascape. Each of this week’s artificial reefscaping materials represent novel solutions to using an alternative to live rock. The various choices for building an artificial mini reef structure include man made rock, ceramic
flores-acropora-unknown-two-5 The second unknown Acropora discovered on the Fluval Sea Flores Expedition
GHL’s new Powerbar 5.1, smaller and updated

Vertex V6 pump review – silence and efficiency, at a price

The Vertex V6 pump is the first water mover from Vertex Aquaristik made in-house with the same custom volute as employed in the popular Omega 150 protein skimmer. Whereas the Omega 150 uses a Sicce pump with a custom volute, the Vertex V6 uses a Laguna style motor block with a custom volute to create Read More

Sicce Voyager Nano pushes water quietly and discretely

Sicce is no newcomer when it comes to making fine water pumps for our aquariums and we expected nothing less of their Sicce Voyager Nano. We first spotted the Voyager Nano in Sicce’s Aquarama booth in Singapore about a year ago and our enthusiasm for this tiny little water mover was well deserved and worth Read More

Seaside Aquatics variable speed dosing pump

The Seaside Aquatics dosing pump is a durable single-channel peristaltic pump with no controller, but a single control knob. If you want to dose a two or three part solution to keep up your reef aquarium’s mineral balance, then a more programmable and multichannel dosing pump is likely what you’ll want to aim for. However, Read More

Taking the Rossmont Mover pump for a spin

The Rossmont Mover is very interesting  propeller water pump from the new Italian aquarium product company, Rossmont. Built from a tried and true two-bladed propeller design, the Rossmont Mover was built from the ground up with no legacy influences, and a focus on performance, silence, efficiency, and a real eye for style. The rising popularity Read More

This Reef Kid knows way more about alkalinity than you do

So you think you know sumthin’ sumthin’ about alkalinity? Meet George. George can school you on alkalinity in about 20 seconds flat. Even if this reef kid did just look a bunch of this stuff up on Wikipedia, George does a pretty good job of boiling down the more important aspects of alk. This succinct review Read More

Mame Nano Overflow review

This is a guest contribution from Briana Brasch, owner/operator of Applied Reefing in Denver Colorado.  I have always been a fan of rimless aquariums for my nano reef systems but such tanks present a bit of a challenge: how do I include effective filtration while maintaining the clean look of the display? Bulky hang-on-back filters Read More

Vertex Libra Review: by far the most user friendly aquarium dosing pump

It’s fair to say that the first time we saw the Libra dosing pump system from Vertex Aquaristik, we were smitten. A beautiful design encloses the best stepping motors you can drive peristaltic pump heads with, and a smart controller system for the pumps, capable of doing basic stoichiometry. Better yet, all these smarts are Read More

Hydor’s Smart Level Control was well worth the wait

The first time we saw the Hydor Smart Level, it was practically love at first sight. What’s not to swoon about a simple box with three cords, one power switch and a few basic indicator LEDs? we knew then that if Hydor’s Smart Level Control could live up to its elegant simplicity then our crush Read More

ReefLink review: Ecotech Marine’s wireless hub just works, well

The ReefLink by Ecotech Marine might be their smoothest working product to date. As part of the first wave of Beta testers, we have had the privilege of using a ReefLink since the end of August and we are incredibly thrilled with how trouble free the device has been. You may be asking yourself why Read More

Cobalt Aquatics NeoFlow is a pretty capable mid-size reef aquarium propeller pump

The NeoFlow may not be the first adjustable DC propeller pump for aquariums, but it is the most deserving of providing previous flow to our aquarium corals and fish. With a host of new, innovative features, the NeoFlow blows past the competition with a breakout design and a spec sheet which makes us feel comfortable Read More