australomussa solomon islands-1 Rainbow Australomussa from the Solomon Islands has almost magic color I returned from a coral collecting and scouting trip to the Solomon Islands less than a week ago and all this time, I’ve been anxious to see how the corals collected would fare on the extra long, 48 hour flight from Honiara to Los Angeles. Yesterday, the ‘main event’ of coral shipments finally arrived at Unique
unnamed LiveAquaria carrying more of ORA’s quality livestock
Review of the DoS Fluid Metering System by Neptune Systems

Marine Technical Concepts MVX protein skimmer review

Marine Technical Concepts has been around for decades over which time they’ve become known for solid product design and build quality. They may not be the best known manufacturer in the hobby but they should be right at the top of your list if you care about performance and reliability. After using various calcium reactors for Read More

Review of the DoS Fluid Metering System by Neptune Systems

Historically speaking, the real big advancements in the aquarium hobby have always been in step with the development of new and better ways to move water. In the early 1900s, air driven aquarium devices radically changed the way we keep aquariums. Ensuing decades saw rapid gains in water movement technology first by pumps with external motors a-la Read More

Kessil A160we LED spotlight review: the best gets even better

When it comes to LED spotlights for our aquariums, there’s basically Kessil, and everybody else. Where nearly all other manufacturers have focused their efforts on building essentially the same tablet-shaped fixture with varying colors and intensities of diodes and a laundry list of features, Kessil has been steadfast in perfecting the LED aquarium spotlight. Nowhere Read More

Tunze NanoStream 6040 Review: the most features packed inside the smallest controllable pump

First announced just in time for InterZoo, the Tunze NanoStream 6040 is a controllable DC propeller pump with the entire pump assembly literally turned on its side. This neat little pump is basically identical to a smaller, more basic model called the NanoStream 6020 which is not controllable, cheaper and pushes about half as much flow Read More

Tunze Care Magnet Review: Tunze’s novel design hits all the high marks

When it comes to reimagining the trusty magnetic algae scraper, it takes a certain kind of curiosity, and creativity, to take a step back and ask yourself how the device could be improved. We all want an algae scraper with a good scraping edge, one with a low profile to get between rock and the Read More

Flipper Nano algae scraper magnet review

The Flipper Nano algae scraping magnet is one of the best new-yet-familiar products announced at MACNA 2013, which became available for prime time at MACNA 2014. We picked up a sample of the new Flipper Nano and all we have to say is “where has this algae magnet been all our lives?” What made the Read More

Using the unique Barrel Tender ATO device from Avast Marine

The Barrel Tender from Avast marine is such a unique product, it’s hard to compare it to anything else that is available in the aquarium market. Simply put the Barrel Tender is a high precision “float switch” that includes a high and low water level sensor, and a heavy duty solenoid to open and close Read More

Hydra 26 review and comparison with Vega LED

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed using the AI Vega on our 29 gallon coral aquarium for over a year but with the release of the Hydra 26, it was time to try something new. Having our AI Vega in white be replaced with a nearly identical, white fixture which is smaller but equally bright is quite a Read More

Vertex V6 pump review – silence and efficiency, at a price

The Vertex V6 pump is the first water mover from Vertex Aquaristik made in-house with the same custom volute as employed in the popular Omega 150 protein skimmer. Whereas the Omega 150 uses a Sicce pump with a custom volute, the Vertex V6 uses a Laguna style motor block with a custom volute to create Read More

Sicce Voyager Nano pushes water quietly and discretely

Sicce is no newcomer when it comes to making fine water pumps for our aquariums and we expected nothing less of their Sicce Voyager Nano. We first spotted the Voyager Nano in Sicce’s Aquarama booth in Singapore about a year ago and our enthusiasm for this tiny little water mover was well deserved and worth Read More