May 15 2009,


A recent entry over at Wet Web Media has us thinking that the relationship between Bob Fenner and Anthony Calfo might have turned sour. The point of contention seems to be revolving around a 4th edition of Reef Invertebrates, a book that both Bob and Tony co-authored. Antoine appears to have published this fourth edition without the consent of Mr. Fenner whose Wet Web Media is still owed a large sum of money from the original printings. Adding insult to injury is Mr. Calfo’s tacky move to self promote his other ventures by inserting “cheesy ads” throughout the book. Mr. Fenner is clearly very upset by Mr. Calfo’s dubious deeds and he makes his declaration in the widely distributed statement below.

It has come to my attention that a former friend, pet-fish content producer has elected to steal from me by having printed and selling a work we co-authored… a “fourth printing” of Reef Invertebrates. I did not agree to this pressing nor to the cheesy ads promoting Anthony’s ‘zine et al. added to this edition. I ask that you not purchase this illegal edition and eschew doing business with Mr. Calfo period.
Bob Fenner

It’s difficult to know what to make of a situation like this, but we will keep you updated as we hear more.

Update: The quote is from WWM’s daily FAQ section, with each day’s FAQs getting replaced by newer ones. It has since been pushed down by newer FAQ’s and isn’t on the FAQ page anymore.

Update 2: Jeff found the link to the WWM post in question.


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