July 6 2009,


The Coral Morphologic have done a great job of uncovering neat little anemones all over Florida and for the last week or so, we’ve been following their tweets about their dives searching for more minute anemones in the Mediterrranean sea. So far they have found a Curly-Q here and a Parazoanthus there but their latest find, Corynactis viridis, is noteworthy to share with a broader audience. This beautiful little Corallimorph is a relative of the orange or pink Corynactis that can be found along the western coast of the US but those pink tentacle tips are something else, yum yum. If you’ve got a thing for small anemones be sure to check out the Morphologic Blog, meanwhile, let’s hope they provided for bringing back some broodstock of this lovely Mediterranean anemone.


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