December 9 2009,

Symphyllia wilsoni is one of the rarest coral in the aquarium trade which has only become available with the imports from Australia. Although the first, and still most, of the coral imports from Oz come from Eastern Australia, Symphyllia wilsoni is only found on the Western Coast of Australia where there is much less coral collection for the aquarium trade. For this reason, specimens of Symphyllia wilsoni are few among the abundant Acan Lords and the Scolymia corals. Furthermore, of the few specimens of Wilsoni coral that are imported even fewer of them have any coloration even close to the specimen above. The orange Symphyllia wilsoni coral above is only one of a handful of brilliant orange specimens that we have ever documented. In addition to the fluo-orange tissue, this specimen displays abundant green and orange patterns in the valleys of the corallites which set it apart from even the nicest Acanthastra lordhowensis corals. We first brought you this singular specimen of Symphyllia wilsoni as a desktop background almost a year ago on Australia day and we just couldn’t wait for another Aussie Day to bring you this fine close-up video.


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